Sectional Ladders

I have always used sectional ladders, close to 15 years. I like them becuase they are light, versitile and easy to work with. No ladder racks to deal with. They are safe and dry inside my vehicle. I really like them inside a home with high cathedral ceilings.

I know most of the guys use extention ladders but why? Is it only the old timers that use the sectional ladders? You know the ladder on Ettore Steccone’s shoulder on the motor cycle.:rolleyes:

I found a video clip on youtube.



The guy in the video mentions going up 45 feet. I am sure it has been done more than a couple times. I have seen old pictures of guys way way up there. I think it was in an old Racenstein window supply catalog, back around 1976. I think those guys were crazy like the guys in my Avatar. Anyway, above 5 pieces I personally would use an extention ladder.

Thanks for the links. I saw this post right before I was about to google ‘sectional ladder’. :slight_smile:

I would venture that cost plays a part in a person purchasing an extension (or multi-purpose) ladder rather than a set of sectionals.

Not for me. I use 300 lbs rated fiberglass. Sectionals might be a bit higher than mine but not enough to discourage me from buying one. I’m going to get one next spring. I just think they are the most “professional” of all ladders for inside residential usage.

sectionals for me.

three 6’ is the highest i go though. and then only if I have had some Crown Royal.

We used them for the company that I started out with. He had the Alaco brand, we had one house that needed around 35 ft inside. Not a good house to run an ext. ladder in. There is a lot of flex at that height, The owner of the company had the lowest weight out of the crew,(around 150 lbs.) so he would climb it. I found them to be a very useful tool. It will be the next ladder that I buy. A question, now that Alaco is not making them and only doing the set thing. Is Metallic Ladder the only other company that make them, or is there another company that you guys would recommend.


I think the guy on the end in my Avatar has some crown royal.

he does. I know that dude.

I would be interested in finding a denver set.

I’ve been using 5 6’ sections and 1 half section of the Alaco for about a year and I will never go back! I still have a 32’ extension wih levelers for feet that I use for some of my higher gutter work. But I could not live with ou my sectional, so light, so fast, so easy to move around. I also like the pointed top that alows me to put in a lot of places an extension can not get to.

There is a learning curve with Sectionals. It is kind of like learning to fan. Once you learn, the time savings is well worth it. The money for sectionals should not be considered because labor is our biggest expense and they do save time.

Aside from checking out pricing for sectional ladders (it would cost me around $900+taxes for 30ft) I really didn’t know too much about them.

Well this Youtube video has peaked my interest in them. I currently have 2 multi ladders and the largest one allows me to reach 26’ but weighs a ton. (53lb really)

I live in an apartment building and park in the underground. Ladders on roof racks are impossible for my situation so I need to store them inside the truck.

// YouTube

Sectionals are pricey for sure. But think of how long ladders last if you take care of them. I’ve had mine just over ten years, and they are as good as new.

I always have a ladder bonnet on the top section for inside and out. I don’t want to risk marring any surface.

So you feel pretty safe on them? I have some mild height issues.

How much does a 6ft section weigh?

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Hey Mark,[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I think you drive a mini van, right? That’s what I have. The ladders slide right in. I keep them on their sides. This way I can slide out only the sections I need. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Also you do not have to buy a whole set at once. You could start out with 3 and 1/2 pieces which reaches 19 ft. Setting them up by yourself can be a challenge when you go past 5 pieces. I think 24 ft. and 30 ft. ladders should be extensions. You can’t beat sectionals down low on 1st and 2nd story windows. The company that makes them says we should not go higher than 21 feet. This is something new put in place I think for legal reasons. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]When you climb them they might sway a bit but they are not going to break, people use them 45 feet up. It’s getting the ladder up there that is an issue in my opinion. I have enough pieces to reach 29 ft. but I only carry enough for 24 feet with me.[/FONT][/COLOR]

I do feel safe on them, very safe. But it’s a ladder. Assuming it’s in good shape, they are only as safe as you are. They are definitely more narrow and more flexy then an extension ladder and take some getting use to.

They are not the end all be all for ladders, and I would never suggest sectionals over extension ladders or vice versa. It’s kinda like the soap debate. There are pro’s and cons for both. Versatility and portability being the two biggest pro’s of sectionals.

As far as weight, a 6’ center section weighs 12 pounds according to a suppliers website.

I use sectionals 99% of the time for my window cleaning business. I LOVE them!

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I use sectionals exclusively as well. The big window cleaning companies around here have sectionals in the van, about 20 feet worth, and two or three extension ladders 24” 28” 30” and sometimes over 30” on the roof. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]So I guess they can pick the best ladder for any given situation.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Well I was really hoping for a solid solution for getting me up to 30’ without going the extension ladder route. I may have to research this more.

Oh, they’re safe at 30ft. Metallic has to say don’t go over 21 ft. for legal reasons. If you are a one man show it doesn’t matter. I think a 30 ft. sectional will fit nicely in your van. Clean and dry,