Sectional ladders

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Sectional ladders, I don’t own any and look like they’re expensive.
I can see myself using them if everything said about them is true, I’d make a kill on every foyer :slight_smile:

I’ve started this thread after seeing this picture on the web … is that safe ? If yes it will be my lifesaver.

It’s what sectionals are best at, in my opinion. Of course they are pricey if you only use them for those occasions.

I’ve always used extension ladders but I would love to have about 20 feet worth of sectionals for interior work. I might even like them for some exterior work. I hate taking extension ladders inside of homes, especially when I have to take a ladder up a flight of stairs and around corners etc.

The sectionals would really be worth the $$$ in certain situations.

There are some great threads on sectional ladders over on Gary’s World. Kind of like a soap war only it’s sectionals vs. extensions.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I think sectionals are the bomb up to about 21ft. They can go much higher but the manufacturer no longer recommends it, mostly for legal reasons. In the day we used to go up well over 30 feet. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I use my sectional like the guy in the picture all the time. Yesterday I did a sun porch with 12 casement windows all side by side, like the picture. I placed the ladder between each one. Worked like a breeze. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I have heard that cleaners who get used to using sectionals rarely go back to using extension ladders. The sectional ladder was invented for window cleaners. They are very efficient to use. It’s all I use! I have 4 and 1/2 sections on the truck and I can go up 24 feet. I have a 6th piece at home to reach 29 feet, but I never use it… now that I have a WFP. Oh, I also have a 2 foot step ladder for low inside ladder work.[/FONT][/COLOR]

On a staircase, I can flip the sectional ladder upside down and put ladder mits on the two ladder rails. Works great up to 2 sections or so.

Sectional ladders are standard equipment for window cleaners. You can go thru entrances with the ladders on one side of your body, you can shoot them straight up in an area not much bigger than the space your body occupies, the pointed top piece allows you to set the ladder on the verticle frame between windows so you can get them both, the advantages are countless. However, they can be tricky. Find a guy who knows how to use them and learn all the tricks. They are also known as stack ladders because you stack them one on top of the other when setting them up.

I’ve been getting by for 4 years without sectionals and at times had thought that I’ll never bother getting them. BUT…the more I do this and experience so many situations (especially interior) I feel that sectionals would be well worth the money.

I can’t see them totally eliminating the need for my extensions for exterior window and gutter cleaning but they certainly could be used for exterior window cleaning. I have WFP so I don’t have to use ladders as much anyway for exterior window cleaning.

Sectionals are definitely on my shopping list this year.

As far as how to use them goes I have Joel Andrew’s DVD “Window Cleaning Techniques” that has a chapter that demonstrates how to assemble and disassemble sectionals along with how to use and safety tips.

I also have the Joel Andrew’s Video. Great stuff on sectionals. He is also awsome with a squeegee. Here are two links from YouTube on sectional ladders. Enjoy :cool:


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I agree.

Sectionals (stacks) are a great tool to have. I wish I still had them. If you never used them, the bend may intimidate you a bit. The bend occurs when you add sections to the ladder. I’ve used 4 1/2 sections before and get quite a bend while climbing. I’ve never been over 30ft on sectionals
Portability is nice too. You can 3 or sections at once easily rather than the risk for banging into something with a sectional.
Stacking can be tricky if you never done it.
Hmmm… after talking about them, I really need to invest some $$ into another set.

I fit 24 feet of sectional ladder in my 97 nissan sentra, I could fit atleast 1 more 6 foot section in if I wanted to buy another. To me it is worth the money but then again the company I worked for before going out on my own spoiled me with them.


Glad you mentioned that. Over three pieces (16 feet) can be risky business for an inexperienced person to set up. It can get ungle setting up 29 feet by yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Best to start small and work your way up.

That’s why carrying an extension ladder might be a good idea, higher up, let’s say over 21 feet. Also, The stack ladder will bend a bit up over 21 feet making it feel unsafe. When I go up high and the ladder is moving I just say to myself “The ladder will not break, the ladder will not break, it is rated at 250 lbs, I am safe…:confused:
You really are safe! The ladder is only bending. It will not break! :cool:

I prefer my Werner LG knockoff as I can get it in anywhere you can a set of sectionals. It’s great on stairs and high interior entryway windows.

I just received this email from the guy that I bought my tucker pole from …

[I]"I did find the sections: I have a set: Base 6ft, Top 6ft and 3 middle 6 ft and one 3ft section.

I paid $120 for each. I will sell them for $360 plus shipping. I can find out the shipping cost on Monday and let you know."[/I]

I don’t know which brand or manufacturer but if shipping is not killer sees like a good deal right ?

Sounds like a killer deal!

You lucky dog!

Having started w/ extension ladders, I swear I would not do residential without my sectionals! I wish I had the money back I wasted on different ladders. The only time I use a different ladder now is to use my 24’ Little Giant for chandeliers. With the notch on the V-top I feel much more secure and can get closer to the glass than I ever could with an extension ladder. If you do many homes with high 2 story windows inside and/or high foyers this is a huge advantage, I also move less furniture to set, and can maneuver around those high heavy curtains. Instead of carrying step ladders I use the top piece only, on wood or tile floors I put my ladder stopper under it. For leg levelers I have one Levelock bracket so I don’t have to always carry the extra weight around, you can just turn the base 180 to have the leveler on the other side. A bonnet on top is essential.

Going with one leg leveler sounds like a great idea, but I have a question. When you flip the ladder around the V groove will be facing out. Doesn’t that present a problem?

[FONT=Verdana]I guess nothing is ever good enough when I use something. I always have to modify things. This will probably upset some folks but I have to mention what I did to my sectional ladder here.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]When the metallic ladders are brand new the pieces fit together very snugly. They can be so tight it is difficult to pull them apart, especially when they are up over 21ft. This is not a permanent problem because over time they loosen up; at least they are supposed to. I was told that they would loosen up. I waited and waited but they didn’t loosen up. They are a bitch to use when they stick together. This is where I’m going to get into trouble with some of you.[/FONT]

[B][FONT=Verdana]I took a metal file and gently took off some of the rivet heads where they brush up against the other ladder rail.[/FONT][/B][FONT=Verdana] I know I know this will probably cause me to fall to my death because I altered the original design, but I did it anyway. Now they are just a little bit snug. Perfect; if I might say so myself.[/FONT]

We’ve thought about purchasing one set of these sectional ladders.
We’ve been doing a string of homes that have 24 foot windows inside and
they are on the 3rd floor. In these homes there is no way to bring an normal extension ladder.
I was thinking of getting Little giants(werner ladder version (22ft or 24ft version) rather than sectional ladders.
Does anyone prefer the little giants?

Heell NO! Sectionals are perfect for what you need to do. Weight, transport, expense, footprint (moving half the furniture in a room) I can’t see the advantage. But I suppose you are like I was and have a hard time seeing it! LOL

Yeah, I do have a hard time seeing how much an advantage sectionals would be over (werner little giants).
Guess we’ll have to try sometime soon.