Sectional ladders

I think the home depot model is only made to go up to 20’. If you’re going to use them mainly indoor, then that should be fine.

In respect to Mike [MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION] there could be instances where the sectional is The Best Choice. For me that’s like 1% of the time and for 50% of that time I could probably make do with an extension + standoff.

I think every window cleaner should have a set, whether or not they use it everyday will be up to their preference, but they are a good tool.

But if you step back a bit, you should try using poles more than ladders. I’d keep a 17’ little giant and your 32’ big ladder and that’s about it. For high dusting you can get a 30’ pole and save yourself from climbing up and down.

For high window walls, look at the wagtail or indoor pads. For exterior bust out the wfp. It’s about safety AND speed.

I sort of get the feeling that you’re approaching window cleaning like a carpenter where the carpenter must use a ladder, a window cleaner can use a pole.


No I’m with you 100% I use my wagtail a ton, as well as the unger pads. Probably 75% of the time I do high work inside with no ladder. Here recently I have been going up the 8’ step ladder and using my 8’ pole and wagtail. I like that as well, every set up requires something different.
I am still learning, so I like to try everything. One day I will have the best way for me figured out, that is the great part about these boards. It not for the post here I would never have heard of sectionals.
That being said, I had a little giant once, I hated it.

back in the day we used to carry around a 10 footer for stuff like that. changed up some equipment and ditched it in favor of a 16’ extension. used that for years, then got sectionals. let me tell you my thoughts- it’s an extremely rare moment when i wish i had that 10 footer back (or the LG we carried for awhile).

the 16’ was great for indoor dusting and odd midlevel setups. the sectionals are even better.

and for me personally, if you can safely reach with a ladder, you should use a ladder. poles are a last resort unless it’s route work.

you just cant clean a sill or really detail an edge with a pole. i can’t tell you how many houses we’ve done where the previous wc’er used a pole and the sills are all black and grimy because they couldn’t clean them properly.

Lots of guys kick the sectional ladders to the curb. I thinks it’s because they find using the ladders they are use to using more comfortable and easy.

There is a big learning curve with sectionals. Lots of techniques a self taught guy would never figure out on his own without being shown. Those of us who love them understand how to use them as they were designed to be used. They are quick and efficient, paying for themselves many times over in time and energy saved.

I could be wrong but I believe the folks that hate sectionals never really learned how to use them properly because nobody would hate a ladder if it’s saving them time and energy on almost every job they clean?

They were designed to be set up at an angle not perpendicular to the wall. I almost ALWAYS set the tip in the top half of the window to the side not under the window in the middle.



There is a sectional listed on eBay, pick up only.

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250 for 6 pieces wow. Could be Jkim !!!

Edit oh that’s to start even 400 is good
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The top piece isn’t a v groove, from what I could tell from the pictures.

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They are all middle pieces.

(one has feet, and one has ladder mitts)

They’re all 4 foot sections. Ugh.

Well I received my sectional ladder today. The top and middle come apart easily, now the middle and base section is another story. I guess I just have to break them in over time.

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That would be a good setup for someone in a smaller vehicle without a roof rack. But yeah I wouldn’t want all 4’s.

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Yeah, that’s for the best.
By the time they break in, you will be used to the process.

Me- I like mine loose and I rarely use pins. :o
But I’m a shuffler.