Sectional ladders

looking at buying sectional ladder but before I do I am trying to see how much each section weighs. I have seen on other site and they say metallic ladder and each section weighs about 12 pounds. Just looking at different options and why these on WCR cost more.

I dunno about the prices, but 12lbs sounds about right. I don’t think there’s any differences, just different prices, different suppliers.

After doing more research and seeing more videos and lifting a 25 pound dumbbell I figured 12 pounds is not that much.

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It’s not really. Setting up 3 sections is pretty easy. 4 isn’t bad if you roll it up/down a wall. I personally wouldn’t go above 4, but that’s just me.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about fiberglass sectionals? I need ladders with the big boy weight rating. I would love any feed back good or bad. I am in the market for new ladders this year. Thanks

I’ve never seen fiberglass. Only wood and alum.

Thing is, the weakness (weight restriction) seems to be at the yoke.
So, it’s not so much the material it’s made of, as the short insertion of the end,
which in turn put more pressure on the square ends of the ladder itself.
(and probably short rivet point)

I need to go look at some of my older ladders, because I swear I have some with really long yoke inserts.

  • maybe there was a larger weight restriction.
    [B]EDIT:[/B] - come to thinki of it, I’m pretty sure there was.


I’m sorry, I realize I’m not much help.
But I’m pretty god about thinking about stuff, throughout my day,
(it will be on my mind while I’m working tomorrow, I’m sure) and hopefully I will remember why/when/where.

Yea I looked on the Werner website and Home both had the sectionals rated to 350lbs. Each section is 16lbs. I did notice though that the top seemed to be open, not the narrow V shape that you see in the metal ladders.

It’s really not that heavy

Wow, I had no idea they made those. Those would be awesome. But the only thing is the aluminum tops are made to lean into sills, corners, or whatever. But you could probably cover most situations with a standoff.

The only thing I know about sectionals is what I have read here. And like you mentioned it doesn’t look like these would work for corners etc. So I am wondering is there really much advantage to them? It seemed like from what I read the corner/sill placement was a big deal.

Interesting, for certain.

  • but I’m still only seeing 250lbs capacity.

Got a good link? My search skills seem to be lacking tonight. :o

Eh. Along with the V-groov is mobility.
I can get to, and set up, pieces in places that extensions could never get to.
They ARE window cleaners ladders, no matter how many try to argue it.

For the most part, you can use a butter knife to drive a flathead screw.
But that still doesn’t make that butter knife a screwdriver.

  • eventually you are going to need that flat head.

It is what it is… and that’s for another (100) discussion(s.)

Are you a bigger guy that needs the 1A-1AA ladders?

Personally, I hate the sectionals. My go to ladder is the little giant and if I need to go higher, I’d rather have an extension ladder. I don’t do much ladder work if I can help it, but for about 1% of my ladder work the sectional can be magic.

What makes the sectionals nice is

  1. they’ll fit in vehicles
  2. they can corner lean on sills
  3. they’re light weight

What I don’t like about them:

  1. they’re narrow, bigger guys aren’t comfortable on them - extensions are nice and wide and won’t hurt your feet
  2. they also bounce a lot but they are safe
  3. you’ll need 6’ sections and 4’ half sections in order to hit the height you need - a little giant or extension can hit it with little fuss

A lot of the placement advantage of sectionals can be made up with a stand off on an extension. But if you have limited room and no ladder rack, then sectionals might be for you.

I have never tried posting a link before, try this.
Werner 6 ft. Fiberglass Tapered Sectional Ladder with 375 lb. Load Capacity Type IAA Duty Rating - Base Section-S7906-1 - The Home Depot

I have to disagree with that. Thats what makes the sectional like j says a window cleaning ladder it lets you set up in a way no other ladder can .

Edit ; I forgot to use the words respectfully disagree :slight_smile:

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Here are my thoughts. I am a big guy, 6’3" 325ish. I have mentioned before I was a house framer. So when I moved to window cleaning I brought with me what I had. A 16’, 20’, 24’ and a 32’ fiberglass extension ladders. Despite my size I am comfortable on ladders, It comes from years of climbing ladders, carrying windows and lumber up the ladder with me. But I do think my set up has downfalls. It is a pain bringing the extension ladders in houses. On the back of houses that have “window walls” there is no good place to set a normal extension ladder most of the time. I have a truck with a ladder rack, but 4 extension ladders is a time killer because I always want the one on the bottom of the pile. I also broke my 24’ last year and need to replace it.
I think as well I could get a lot of use from a 10 or 12 foot step ladder.
SO I was thinking for this year 4 pieces of sectional would do inside ladder work and most 2nd story windows. I also have a WFP. The 32 for gutters and high stuff. The 6’ and 10’ step ladders for dusting and other inside work.
Plus for what ever reason the fiberglass sectionals would be $600 or so for 4 pieces. I think that is reasonable because I have to spend $200+ for another 24’ if I stay with the extensions. Still need levelers though.

But if these ladders will not place in corners and on frames, it may be pointless

I agree on the narrowness. And the round rungs.

I train/push my guys to stand on the ball/forefront of the foot.
Arches just aren’t meant to hold the weight, which is unfortunately, our natural instinct
(balance in the middle)

stacks have always been my indoor go-to.

I started with wood back in the day and have depended on 5 pieces of metal since,

tubed sky lights, stair landings/turnarounds/spiral stairs, upper floor decks with stacked glass above what a step can do.

I wouldn’t put a little giant in the back of my truck unless I was hauling it as a favor for someone…

it’s funny how we all dis-like different things for what ever reason.

I wouldn’t worry about weight (heavier the better per piece isn’t gonna limit the mobility)

as for the fiberglass sectionals… I’l let you know when I win the lottery and try em out…


Those things look pretty cool. I have never seen those before.
I own a set of sectionals and it is all I use when I need a ladder lately. And I’m not small 6’1 250 lbs. but I feel plenty comfortable.

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