Sectional Ladders

Who uses sectional ladders? Are they worth the money? where is the best place to purchase them?

I recently purchased 4 sections. I am very pleased with them. They put me places that my extension ladders could not. The A-frame top alone is worth the price you pay and how light they are is really cool. I think it takes a bit to get used to stacking them, especially indoors. There is a youtube video out there where you can see a guy stacking a placing them. Just google “sectional ladder youtube” and you should be able to find it.

PM me or e-mail me and I can tell you where I bought mine. Got a great deal! WCR does not carry them yet. I told Chris I would have bought them through him if he had them. I highly recommend them now and wonder why I didn’t have a set years ago.

I used them for years. They can take some time to get use to. I highly recommend them. Make sure to install a pair ladder levels. Windows 101 and I thing *** sells them too.

Sectionals are a totally a different animal when it comes to ladders. Make sure you have someone who has experience to show you how to use them. That being said, our sectional ladders are far and away the most heavily used equipment when we work. They are so versatle and can do so many things an extension ladder cannot do.

I plan to buy a 6’ bottom, mid, and top section, and a 4’ mid section of sectional ladders this year.

I’ll continue to use my 28’ extension for those times when I’m not using WFP on exterior.

The sectionals seem to be [B]THE[B] way to go for laddering up for interior work. If you have a nice leg leveler they’ll even be good on stair cases too.

I’ve got to get a set this year!!!

I use my LG knockoff for stairs. I’d never use something else. Just to ify on some of the stairs I’ve seen.

Tony, I’ve been using the Werner 22’ multi-ladder (in A frame position) on stairs thus far. It does work great but really heavy and bulky and not really easy setting up on some stairways.

I plan to get sectionals anyway and see where some on the forums use them on stairs with the added leg leveler. I think I’ll give it a try. You don’t know for sure until you try it.

I myself may like it or I may not.

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I roll with Denver Sectionals on the interiors. 3x6’ kit and it reaches just about all the routine residential stuff inside.

Friggin knucklehead antagonist Larry is at it again. I am on the Nutrisystem diet. You posted that you liked your LG knockoff because anything else was not solid enough. My first thought was I’m glad I do not feel that way as much as I did last year. I posted it and then it swirled. Whether you believe it or not, it was not meant personally towards you. If it were as much as I would not prefer it to go down like that I would fess up right now. It was careless though.

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That would be 16’ usable length. That’s probably what I get with my 20’ extension after you subtract the overlapping of the two pieces.

I’m thinking the 3x6 pieces plus the 4’ mid section would make it a little more versatile.

One thing I like about the sectionals is that you don’t have to go just below or above the glass. You can lean sectionals half-way up on the side frame to do the glass, like in the pic in Dwight’s post. That’s a great advantage!!! I could actually get by with 3x6’ piece sectionals too if you take that into consideration.

I’m not upset Dwight, really I’m not. I said other things are ify on stairs. I was talking about not having to worry about the footing of the ladders on stairs. My LG allows me to use it in 90deg ladder setup so I have all 4 legs on the steps. Just safer in my book.
No problem here bro!:wink: