Sectional Ladders

I am slowly reducing my Customer base after 24 years in business. No longer need this set of Sectional Ladders. Includes 6 foot Base and Top. and 4 -5- 6 Ft center sections. I believe they are Metallic Brand. If you have any interest and live near the Central Ohio Area then give me a shout. Thanks ! Hope you all are having a prosperous year so far.


Ugh! I literally just searched eBay and all of Craigslist for sectional ladders…but I really wanted the Alaco brand. My metallics are a tad heavy.

As I said I cant remember the brand…maybe they are Alaco. Purchased years ago. They are Aluminum.

That’s the metallic brand.

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You won’t have a hard time selling those with the half section. Those are unicorns in the industry. Good


Yea…the four and five footers are definitely odd balls. I could not imagine using them without those sections. Makes finding the correct height so much easier. Maybe I should hold onto them as " Vintage " and sell at some Window Cleaners equivalent to Mecum Car Auctions and get rich !!


Sounds like a retirement plan, to me!

@WesternReserveWC is in Ohio. He bought some off me and may be interested in them.

Are you willing to ship, I know you would prefer to sell local.

“Street cred” noted.

I was waiting/hoping for this post, as I read.

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How much are you asking for the set? Would you sell individual pieces ?

I could ship UPS if you are willing to pay that…

I’ve been on vacation for a month and just saw this. I am interested if you’ve still got them. I’m in Kent.

Hey Western Res.

Sorry I did sell those already…good luck in your search.


Anyone near the Raleigh, NC area? Found these on Craigslist. Good deal.

Still available?

No…Sorry ! They sold within a few days of the post.

Lol I bet they did, mine are ready to put on the shelf, looking for a good set. Thank you!

I had a lot of responses to them. I still have another set, but will most
likely keep those - even if I sell my commercial accounts ( already sold
residential in 2014 ).

Take care and stay safe out there.


I would but it if you still have it