Secure ladder

Sometimes you don’t get the ideal ladder set-up that you would like, so a little improvising for safety sake comes into play.

Had to do a ladder set on slick tile and the best option was to tie a rope around the footing of the ladder to a secure object. I always keep a few odds and ends in the van for such tasks. I even have two rebars that a few jobs I hammered into the ground and used them as tie-offs.

Do you keep gear handy for the unexpected?



Seriously, you are using your head. That’s a SMART way of being safe.


I’ve done similar things in the past. Here’s one example:

Another time I had my 28’ at full extension to reach a set of large casements on a ccu. The landscaping was kinda sketchy, and I was going to be working right near the top of the ladder. So I used a ratchet strap and secured it around the mullion/frame between the two casements. Worked out to be very secure that way.


I keep a few dozen feet of 550 paracord, along with a sticky rug mat in my toolbox at all times

I’ve used the paracord to secure my ladder as well as haul a tool bucket up after myself for balcony work.

The rug mat makes a nice non-skid surface for my ladder feet on pavers and concrete.

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Yep, I have a couple of rubber mats for smooth floor interior ladder work and to protect floors.


Have done that too. Once at a CCU the landscaping was just loose dirt and dropped off
really steep. I put a couple of pieces of rebar in the ground and also tied off to a 2 x 4 I put inside
and spanning the first floor window just below where I was cleaning. The list of stupid ladder moves
is much longer…

ladders bad, WFP GOOOOD…lol

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Low and behold, I clicked the link, only to find a rant from me… :grin:


Yeah, for the most part…
Except for that whole ‘water freezes at 32º’ thing.

Science sucks.

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Just switch to hot water👍🏻

:grin: “Just move South” would have been a better answer…
Because it’s logistically easier.

I’m guessing you “Ain’t From Around These Parts, Are Ya?”


You beat me to it! I was gonna say “Just move to Florida” :sunglasses:

Water is always liquid here.

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And that’s why I hate you! :grin:
Nothing personal, I like you as a person, but I will be forever envious of you and your liquid water…

You can move to Venice when you retire. And have me wash your windows…

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Living life where water is NOT liquid…

Someone please let me know what this links to. I’ve clicked one too many of J’s youtube links…

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Thats hilarious Alex! :smile:
Its safe! “People throwing boiling water into the freezing air.”

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Hey Samuel have you ever gone over to coco beach area or Sebastian inlet? I lived in Melbourne for 4 years doing torch down roofing. Loved it there, I really miss Florida. The water here doesn’t stay liquid either. Cold winters. Do any sailing down there? I lived on a sailboat while I was living there. Really good memories.

Never been to cocoa beach, but I have gone across the state to West Palm a few times. I don’t make much use of the coastal water to be honest. But I do enjoy kayaking in the rivers. I live just a few minutes away from some very nice state parks and my wife and I make it a point to visit frequently.