Security bars on windows

what do you do if some one has security bars covering all the windows?

do you tell them you cant do the job

do you raise your price accordingly

do you tell them to remove them


I’d probably just pass, and tell them why.

It’s possible they all come off no problem and go back in just as easily, but it could also be a huge headache to remove those things and get them back on the way they were originally. Most likely the latter, and you end up looking dumb for no fault of your own.

Edit: I would refer them to someone else though, rather than just saying thanks but no thanks

We wfp on the outside and spray window cleaning in a can on the inside.

We have a lot of customers with these on their windows. My guys and I have learned techniques that make them pretty easy to clean. However, they do take a little more time, so obviously we charge a little more for them.

Charge more. You can waterfed pole them pretty easily. If they got bars, I would go from 10 a window to 20 depending on the size…for my bottom line. I would shoot for 50.

I don’t do a ton of storefronts, but the ones with bars on windows… I just use a long channel and sometimes attach a second handle. (one on each end)

Curious about the WFP guys… what do you do when the bars are inside?

I will spend the time to do them correctly, and charge accordingly.

I will never refer a window cleaning job to someone else. It clouds your image as a professional and when the customer has another job to do, they will call the company you referred first. I will charge enough to make it worth my time to do it.

I have several properties that have bars on the windows. They are truly a PITA, but the customers are willing to pay a reasonable amount for the work

I usually fit a squeegee with a quick release handle on it for adjustments into the area in question and do the best I can. The customers have always understood that the results may not be quite 100% of my usual quality.