Security Film

Anyone doing this?
I may be interested my self.
For those already doing tinting, do you think there is a market for this? I think you can get it in tint as well.

Are you referring to a film that is installed on the inside of jewelery store displays? I have a customer who lives on a golf course who has this on about 10 windows that are facing the golf course. She’s had numerous incidents with golfers hitting her house with balls. She had it installed after a ball broke out a large window. 2 months after it was installed, a golfer broke it again. The film doesnt keep the window from breaking, it just keeps the object from penetrating through to the inside.

The guys that installed it on her home charged her something like $5,000 for about 10 windows. It took them 1/2 a day and they came from 4 hours away to install it for her (im sure that their drive time was compensated as well).


Yep - I think there may be a market here for this - with the current storms 'n all.

I used to install it all the time and occasionally still do. If you’re considering doing this I think it would be a good idea to go into the window film industry all together since that’s what it is. It’s a little more difficult to install than regular window film but the same idea. We used to do a lot of high security jobs with the stuff since it’s blast resistant. It will take some training and a ton of practice(especially if you need to seal it to the frames for added security).

If you get into it here’s some places to target:
Golf Courses
Government Buildings
Contractors(we had a few call us after they forgot to put in a tempered window and needed the glass to pass code)

Thanks Mike - do you have to remove the silicon/window trim to fit? I read somewhere that this was a way to anchor the window. Is there any way of making a good install without removing said trim?

It depends on the size of the current gasket (or how lazy you are), sometimes you can just seal over that onto the frame and film. It also depends on the amount of security the customer is looking for, some jobs don’t even require the sealant but then you have to make sure you cut the edges perfect (especially with the tinted stuff). I almost prefer to caulk the edges sometimes when dealing with the tinted material. Last I heard they were making a pre-molded gasket that you just slap on the window, no mess. There is a huge market for the stuff since 9/11 and it works great. I used the material from 3M, if your looking to get set up doing film I definitely recommend being a dealer for them. They pass on tons of leads and we did some very high profile jobs that came directly from them. There is of course more overhead doing film, but if you can pull it off it’s worth it.

I’ve never actually done any tinting. I may have to look on youtube for some examples. Do 3M have a company or do you just buy what you need?

Many companys won’t deal with Spain because of their import/export legislation. I have enquired with armorcoat - they have yet to get back to me, just an etiquette return email.

You have to be an actual “Authorized Dealer” for 3M, at least in the states. They manufacture stuff all over the world but not sure about Spain. I think a lot of their security films come from London, and a lot of their decorative/frosted films come from Japan. The guys that distribute film to dealers around here are always holding classes and seminars on how to install the stuff. Besides security film I think regular tint would be a great business to incorporate with the window washing.

How much does it cost to become an authorised dealer? Do you have to buy bulk to begin with? Do they charge for the courses?
Whats the largest tint footage they do - I’m worried about joints for big windows.

Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

I don’t think it costs anything to be a dealer, I just think they don’t want too many people with their brand competing w/ each other in an area. They did have a new line of regular films that were awesome when I left called Prestige, to carry this line I think there was a fee, I think 10,000 when it first started but not sure anymore. I don’t think you have to buy bulk to start but when you do land a large job buy in bulk and save some $. Usually a 60" roll will work good for most residential stuff, I don’t think security films come any larger than that. Regular films come in up to 72". There should be 100’ on a roll. Don’t worry about the splices on large windows, customers usually understand that they have a huge window but most of the time you can hide it behind a grid line or place it somewhere besides the middle of the window. Courses will probably run a couple hundred bucks, some guys even travel to train, a friend of mine does this in the states. 3M also holds annual meetings kinda like the ones for window cleaning to announce their leading dealers, usually comes with some prize.

Check out these sites:

Here’s an idea of what tools cost:

this is do it yourself stuff, per foot pricing and no royalties or start up costs.

$45.95 for a 5 way bumping tool, Mmm. Just need the instructions!
Funny, I actually listed them on the blog must missed this bit.