Seeing Streaks

So I do a house, inside and out, do a final walk and everything looks fine. Then the next day, with the morning sun blasting in, one window has unacceptable streaks. Easy to fix, but if I’d finished the day before, there they’d be.

Any skills beyond looking at an angle to the glass? Ever have a problem going low light to morning? Ideas?


Could it be a bad IG seal, with the issues being between the two panes?

Good rubber, great technique and change your water frequently (2 or 3 times per resi) is about the best you can do. Streaks are caused by one of them

What technique(s) do you use? Straight pulls, fanning, or both?

Where on the pane did the streaks appear?

Yeah agree bumble… changing water is so important. It’s easy to get lazy about it… but saves time and effort.

one thing i do if I have really dirty windows is do something of a pre-wash. I basically just wet my strip washer down and do a hack job on the window. Then i wet the window again and do it nice nice detail and all. This is for really dirty windows though and if your not carful can create more work because of all the water involved.

. Salt water and red clay build up get’s gnarley out here, and leaves bad streaks if i dont do a pre rinse. Saves me time in the end.

I’ve only had my business for about 6 months though. There are people on here who may be able to give you better advice. Just telling you what i’ve learned in my short time using this forum.

So some other things i did

  • Change water more often like bumblebee said

*try different squeegee handles ( the fancy ettore one works best for me, they all have very different angles) See which compliments your style best

*try different rubbers

  • practice on your personal windows at home. When you practice dont detail them with a huck. Just squeegee them off and look at them at different times of the day. This will help you decide where you need improvement on your pulling/fanning.

Streaks were on a small fixed window - straight pulls - definitely my technique, no problem to fix but I just didn’t see them at the time. My wife suggested that my sunglasses might be the problem.

as was said before change your water if it’s dirty,make sure that when you pull your squeegee down or across the glass that you don’t push to hard that will flatten out your rubber and let water through