Self Cleaning Glass- Sqeegee?

I read the other post in the CCU section about cleaning self cleaning glass.

I have a customer who has several sliding door made with self cleaning glass. They already did the once cleaning with vinegar themselves to activate it. This was a couple of years ago.

Now they want me to do the clean of the whole house. Can you use a squeegee/scrubber on these? Trust me I won’t be using a scraper.

Yeah absolutely we just did some recently, scrub and squeegee like normal and like you said no SCRAPER.

Great Thanks!

It can be very difficult to do a decent job in the Sun, and sometimes even when they look fantastic in the shade when the sun comes around it can be embarrasing

I love the fact we are discussing cleaning “self cleaning glass” lol

I think it means “you, yourself cleaning glass” lol

I have a customer with a house full. I would have never know by the way they looked. She said it was the biggest rip off f her life.

“Pilkington” - the biggest glass producer in the UK if not Europe turned up to the 2006 window cleaning tradeshow. He proceeded to tell us that we would have to start looking for jobs & not to worry too much as it would take a good 20 years to replace most of the glass in the UK!
He also mentioned that the “pilkington activ” glass could not be scraped as it would take the coating off that keeps the glass clean. He also recommended wfp as the best means of keeping the glass clean every five years! I know you have to laugh, but give him his dues - at least he actually believed in the product.
I think the biggest problem is removing bird muck.

That’s funny, Karlosdaze.

I’d love to talk to that guy.

He got laugheed off the stage…but the pulex chief (Guillermo/ now retired) was more understanding & wanted to talk to him to devop something that would clean the glass without harming it! Now there’s forward thinking!