Self-cleaning glass

Anyone got any tips on how to remove construction debris from this or is it a no-no

You could check with the manufacturer. :confused: But I bet they will say not to use razors. Just a guess. But I’m interested to know now that you mention it.

Tell the person who purchased it. “I thought it’s supposed to clean itself, no?” I would not touch the stuff just on principle alone. Let the smart ass who thought it would be a good idea to help put you out of work, clean it.

I think its pretty much taken for granted by most window cleaners by now that it doesn’t work very well,but Its a tough sell to the customer to be told that not only is it not self cleaning but that we can’t clean it either,
I read somewhere that it requires an initial clean with a vinegar solution to activate it and from then on a regular hosing down or a good rainfall should keep it relatively clean , the problem arises when you can’t get the crap off to do that initial wash without scratching it and wrecking the coating

So bird poop won’t stick to it? How about eggs? (I cleaned a house once that was egged) What about finger prints? How about stains from concrete run off?

I really don’t know much about self cleaning glass. ^^^these were serious questions.

I have to admit to a lack of knowledge on the subject myself, but the general idea is that once its been activated , a combination of whatever is in the coating along with the heat of the sun and a good shower of water is supposed to keep it relatively clean, The heat seemingly would help the coating break down the dirt where it is attached to the surface and then the rain, hose etc would just wash it off
I would think that if it did work , then it would be the perfect thing to use pure water on but i could be wrong

Bear into mind its only “self-cleaning” to a certain extent! The coating is a titanium dioxide coating,which already mentioned needs to be cleaned with a vinegar solution to activate it. As for construction debris (whoever) had better make certain that no serious const debris get on it like mortar,stucco,plaster get on it.

Eggs & silicate deposits (from run -off) no doubt would be a challenge even with the coating.

Just remember get a “Scratch Waiver” signed!!

Manufacturers instructions are just the usual bs, warm soapy water and prayer, I can’t find it right now but I believe while researching the subject at least one manufacturer recommended not using a squeegee

Actually I read on a UK forum that they have stopped calling it "self-cleaning " over there ,its now called “low-maintenance”

I’ve done a few jobs (both const. cleans and then follow up maint.) on self cleaning windows (both were Sun Clean by PPG I believe).
On the construction clean, we still used razors (on areas that needed it) but had a waiver in place – but it didn’t cause any scratches/damage. Althought their were some pre-existing marks on the glass on both ccu we did – they looked similar to roller marks that had marred the coating --the rep came and took a look at them – they gave the homeowners the option of replacement or discount – both took the discount as they are failrly minor blemishes.
Maintenance on self cleaning glass is awesome with a wfp. The water sheets beautifully.
They’re really not “self-cleaning” - perhaps low maintenance might be a better term, but they still get dirty. One nice thing about them is you can hose them down with reg. house water and still get pretty decent results – and it doesn’t cause any hard water stains/spots (which normally it does in our area).

Jason, did you notice any tiny scratches on the glass when you scraped, not great big fab-debris scratches, more like hundreds of little spiderweb scratches, that can only be seen in the sun and have a rainbow look to them, like they refract the light different

Ya, I know exactly what you’re talking about – pretty much only noticible in the sun – but I know they weren’t caused from the razors though. On the 2 jobs we did last year, most of the windows were protected very well – a few had concrete and paint splatters, but most windows only needed a cleaning with the water fed pole/pure water. We pre-cleaned the windows with the wfp and then went back and scraped/re-cleaned any that had debris stuck to the glass. Some of the windows never had a blade touch them and they still had the spiderweb/rainbow look to them.

Thank you Sir, Iv,e always known that those were there before I scraped or washed or whatever, but a teeny part of me couldn’t be sure until I heard it from some one else.

I am glad to have seen this question posted. I have a builder that is starting to use this self cleaning glass ( Zo-e-shield it’s called) on his bigger homes in middle Tennessee area.You stated that razors were used and no damage was done, was morter splash the main reason for the razors? I like youself check the windows carefully for scratches and other damage, it’s probaly saved me some money the past couple of years since i’ve stsrted doing post construction jobs. I will be asking about this type of glass when I go to my IWCA convention the second week of Febuary.