Self retracting lifeline

Does anyone know whenothing, where, and how to recertify a self retractable lifeline. I found where OSHA states a competent person. Does this mean anyone in my company?

I would assume that would mean you (if you are actually competent) idk how you would prove that u are, maybe ask a couple of folks around you and see if they believe that ur competent… Lol maybe have em sign a letter declaring competency.

wait, you have competent people!!??

Serious tho run it by a lawyer, OSHA in your shop is no joke. Been there done that not going back

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i would think it would need to be a manufacturer type thing.
i had a car had damage from deer collision. they were going to write it off.
it had a rebuilt engine but it from before i had the car so no bill.
fortunately it had been done by GM and the sticker, which proved it was “a certified gm rebuilt engine”

Competent person" means one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.

A retracting lifeline as with any device used in fall protection should be inspected “prior to use” occasional documentation should be on file also.

Remove from service if any device is used in a fall, every device has a log on it that must be current.

Typically the user “should” be the competent person.

Any person using this type of equipment should have a written history of training records on file with the company. This will indicate training dates any retraining and what materials were used in the training. With this training it would include the inspection of your equipment and what to look for.

yes but in this case they are stating it needs “recertification” after a period of use. that is more than pre use inspection.

Never heard of certification of any kind for these. We may be talking of different devices.

You must mean the wire cable system?

We only use the Web system.

Difference, cable systems are more for construction work fenerally. Up on a roof preventI g fall from a level. Long length upto 50’ or more. Costing $1500 and up.

Web system commonly used for aerial lifts. Short lanyards 3’-10’, $200.

When used the Web system is only rated for a certain time due to material aging.

Cable system can be used for longer in field with recertification from manufacturer.

Cost of Web system is same as recertification so toss it buy new.

Here’s your answer, recertification is what’s recommended by manufacturer. The unit is sent to manufacturer for this service.

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