Selling high rise window cleaning

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been doing high rise window cleaning and pressure washing work for just over 5 years now in Vancouver.

This year I started subcontracting from a handful of companies I’ve worked for over the years and hired 2 employees to help me.

I want to start getting my own work but don’t know what would be the best way to start selling and marketing my company.
Obviously as a new company my marketing budget is pretty limited.

After I have my website running, business cards and flyers printed, how do I go about selling my services?

From what I’ve gathered I should be calling property management companies and asking them to let me bid on any work that they have available. I also hear that it’s a difficult route to take.

Any suggestions are very welcome. Thank you.

Yo …

Say get your web site geared for commercial work and you should start getting calls or email about bids ! Plus you ought to check out window cleaning.Com/ The window cleaning marketing experts … [URL=“”] Locations | North Americas best window cleaning, and they could hook you up as their primary domain name holder there in Vancouver, no one has gotten that there yet and it might do really good for you ! I would guess your first year with them they’ll charge you around a 100 bucks a month, pretty decent ! I have Seattle and that’s how much they are charging me, they charge per the population, ask for Mark Palmer…

Plus you should go for all kinds of commercial work to help build you revenue, Low rise 4 to 5 stories, mid rise 6 to 10 stories ! Plus like I siad 3 and 4 stories with a WFP will generate good revenue and in time you’ll find yourself going after mid and or H-rise !

If your working alone your not going to be going after big stuff so start thinking about stuff your can generate ! Good luck to you …

Dangerous Dave2u

I started 10 years ago by walking into buildings i wanted to clean. Dropping business cards in person works well. Expect alot of rejection but you will get some calls from it. Its all about creating good relationship. Once you have one manager happy, ask for referal. I have been lucky to have my first client managing 9 high-rise. Did a good job on the first and then he gave them all to me.