Selling my pickup... need vehicle suggestions

I am selling my 95’ Chevy K2500 4x4 work truck and thinking about getting something newer. Here is why I am selling it:

  1. way too big. it’s more for contractors. has 4 tool boxes mounted on top and a ridiculous 20 ft. ladder rack:eek: ( everytime i drive makes me feel like i am driving a tank )
  2. gas guzzler( thanks to the V-8 350 small block )
  3. it’s an automatic. like manual trans. alot better
  4. 116,000 miles on it
  5. just want a different truck( i guess the appeal of having a such a big truck wears off quickly )

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone carries ladders on a “back rack” that are 32’ ext. ladders and also 40’ ext. ? I would be looking for something with an 8ft. box and not a big ladder rack.

You guys have any truck recommendations? ( no dodge please:D )
I need something with good gas mileage, fits ext. ladders nicely and has some power to maybe hook a trailer up to it.

I will post pics and maybe a video of the truck soon just so you guys can see it.
I don’t know yet if i want to trade it in for a new truck or just sell it on craigslist for as much as i can get for it.
I have to fix some things on it too like exhaust, needs tune up, oil seal … ugh big trucks cost alot!
I can’t wait to get rid of it but want it ready to sell.
thx alot for your help guys!

P.s. I almost forgot. I am also looking to get a beater car ( nice looking though,no rust) that will just be used for commercial and job estimates. maybe use it once in awhile for residential. Any car suggestions? needs to be able to support a small ext. ladder and fit a little giant, be great on gas. I have used Acura Integras in the past and while they are good on gas, they are not something that is ideal for window cleaning ( don’t hold magnets well, can’t really use a ladder rack, and hard to fit stuff in the trunk ).

An Astro van or similar would be something to consider. I have an E-250 full size van and almost running out of space, gas is an issue, but I’m paying for a mobile billboard advertising for me 24/7, so I think is a fair trade.

We are currently running an E250 cargo van and a Ford Ranger. If money was no issue, I would rather have a Tacoma. As far as a car for estimating, see if you can’t find a descent “fleet vehicle” - they are usually well maintained, highway miles only, and a nice fleet white color so graphics are easy. Something like a malibu or focus or maybe a toyota??? By the way I am so sick of my Fords right now - I am wishing I had spent the extra money on the Toyota. Or Honda for that matter…

Funny, I have a E-250 and a Ranger too