Selling Water Fed Pole

So I am moving on from my window cleaning business and I am selling my water fed pole equipment.

I will be selling this equipment (as seen below). I am really not looking to drive anywhere. I really want to work out a deal that includes everything. SEND ME ANY OFFER… If you could, send the offers in this thread or send a text to 440-728-1681. Main inventory is as follows:

XERO Jr. (used at most 20 times and as you can see there is a lot of resin available, however the carbon filter might need to be replaced, but that is not expensive at all). It was recently used and it worked just fine. WCR Price: $2399

M9 Pole w/ wool pad, plastic rinse bar, and a 2 jet brush (a bit dirty, but it works just fine) WCR Price: $399

10ft IPC Cleano (Never used and have not even taken it out of the box). WCR Price: $354.97

100ft of the water fed pole hose (blue hose) w/ an additional 30ft (but the 30ft recently just got a hole in it, but if you want to use some duck tape, I’ll give it to you.

25ft (I believe) of the yellow hose that gets connected to the XERO Jr.

Miscellaneous inventory:

Moerman Squeegee &flip pad w/ 11 extra ETTORE rubbers

Blue water bucker

1ft IPC Cleano w/ extra pads

TDS Meter

Track Brush

Many microfiber towels (I can throw in a bunch more if desired)

About 100 shoe covers

About a gallon of dawn soap.

SELLING PRICE (for everything): $2899

Location: Cleveland. OH