Selling Window Cleaning Business in Northeast PA

I have been in business for 22 years. In 2023, I made $160k in gross income and $132K in net income. 71% of that income was storefront/commercial, and 29% was residential. I did 169 residential cleanings in 2023 and have 98 booked for 2024. The company phone number and website are included.
Included in the sale is a lettered 2013 Ford van (high miles) with shelving. Mounted in the van is a 265-gal water tank, ½ cu.ft. DI tank, a Spring flow controller connected to a Shurflow 3.5 gpm pump, a Xero DI hose reel with 150’ of blue 3/8 hose, and a second 3.5 gal Shurflow pump connected to the water tank feeding a sprayer hose.
Equipment included: A used 50’ Xero pro basic WFP, a used 24’ Xero pro basic WFP, a Xero Screen cleaner, and various traditional window cleaning tools.
Reason for selling: moving/age.
Asking $68k.

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Hey Dave. What town(s),?
I’m out of Honesdale

I am located in Mount Carmel Pa, which is in the Southeast corner of Northumberland county. I served the following counties in descending order of volume of business: Schuylkill, Northumberland, Columbia, Luzerne, Snyder, and Dauphin.


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If I had the balls, which I don’t. I’d sell my business , my house , and get the fuck out of this high taxed, shit hole of a state Long Island , NY , and buy your business.
Good luck , sounds like you worked hard to achieve a nice successful business. Hope you sell and get what you’re looking for.

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If you do move , you could probably buy a house in cash and not worry about a mortgage. Also PA has lower property taxes , maybe retire early or just work Part time

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My new financial planner :+1: I like the sounds of it, but I’m missing that one aspect that I’ve talked about above :basketball: :soccer: :football:

Problem is the real estate market still sucks in PA (for buyers). My nephew and his family have been looking in The Poconos and Lehigh Valley for a year now to no avail. Seems everyone gave up on even trying to buy a house in NJ and started looking out there.

When you say it sux what does that mean. No available houses ? Prices to high ?
Yes interest rates are high wherever you go , it’s all about property taxes. NJ and New York way to high. I just looked and Pennsylvania is up there too. Going to have to look for a new financial planner. Sorry Genaro. You’re out !!

No houses. People are holding on to their homes because of the interest rates and lack of inventory. Can’t blame them. I see it here too… there’s a whole lot less people calling for quotes because they’re selling. Historically, we would get bombarded with them in the late winter / early spring.

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I’ve still noticed a decent amount selling. I’m sure those are the ones who have there houses paid off and moving to lower taxed states.
But I’m sure it’s down like you say, becuase most won’t want to take their 3-4% interest rate to a 7-8% and like you say lack of inventory

We paid a premium for our house in 2021, but got in at 2.75%. The mortgage company sends me a letter once a week to refi at 2.8. Nope. I’m sitting on this.

2.75 wow, you scored!

2.75 wow. that’s a score !
I’ve paid a premium for my house back in 2006 high interest rate too, but since refinanced it to 3.9

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We ALMOST got locked in at all time low 2.5%, but something came up with the paperwork that delayed the process by two days. Either way, yep, thats a score.

Took us a year and a half to and 3 “under contracts” to get there though. People though they were slick trying to unload dumpster fires with major, hidden flaws. Luckily our agent and my inspector are both friends and looked us out.