Send Jim 2020 Reviews?

Hey All,

I can’t find any recent feedback on SendJim/Radius Bomb. Anyone using these that would like to share how its working for them? I can’t find a list of features either. I know of the targeted mailing, but what about email campaigns? I’m hoping to not have to spend money on this and a CRM, but will if I need too. Really looking to grow my residential this year. Any thoughts in general about this service vs. others is also appreciated. Thanks!

First off, really like Josh Latimer. I think he has been a positive influence in the industry for many years. As far as Send Jim, I have yet to network with anyone that has been using it as a regular marketing platform. I think it requires too much time to invest and it is not cheap.

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@Kyle Thanks for the input. I like all the content that I have seen from Josh Latimer, I just really want it for the 5 around mailing with radius bomb. The people in my area dont trust easily, so referrals go a long way here. I thought people would be much more likely to book if they got a mailing they could talk to their neighbor about. I guess I may try it some this year to beef up my resi, and then I will look at how effective it is. Supposedly another window cleaning company in the area has been using it to great effect, but I wanted a bit more feedback. If I can remember I will try to post here to let you know how it works out if I do use it.

I have always thought that it sounded great it sounds like his idea is that people spend so much money on gaining new customers that they neglect current customers which I 100% agree. However, I have always been surprised if it is as great as it sounds how come it’s not blown up on here. 1 either it doesn’t work or 2 it works so good people don’t want to advertise to there competitors how great it works. In closing You definitely have to spend money to make money but I have not done it because of price. 100$ monthly flat rate plus all the stuff they send you can spend huge money on it.

We find that it works. We use it to send 8-10 cards automatically to all of our residential customers throughout the year. I’d recommend having your own branded cards designed and uploaded in there though, not just templates.


8 to 10 sounds like a lot of contact personally. I’d be annoyed

It’s a piece of paper in the mail. They can just toss it. 8-10 phone calls, totally different

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@Denver13 I’ve had similar thoughts. I’ll drop a few hundred to a thousand to get new customers to see if it works this year. I plan to retain with TCF, but for growth hopefully Radius Bomb will help. If I don’t have considerably higher conversion than EDDM then I won’t continue it.

@mshramek I think people in my area may get frustrated with that much contact, even by mail. But, I wouldnt know because I haven’t tried it. :thinking: worth bearing in mind. Thanks for the input!

We are heavy with EDDM, SEO, Social Media. Just ordered 55k EDDMs this week.

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Thanks for the response. That’s a lot of EDDM!

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It didnt start out that way… we set our advertising budget based on a percentage of sales… as sales grow so does our budget. Maybe one day I am sending out 100k pieces.

I am curious as to how it works in rural areas. Our town is not “normal” in the sense of your neighbor is similar to you, or your client’s neighbor. For example, the house across the street from us is valued at twice that of our house. Not to mention that a number of homes are actually the owner’s second home. Have any here find this type of marketing helpful in a rural area?

Good for you, that’s some great growth! I don’t think I will grow to that size. I had planned on adding an employee, but I realized then someone is counting me for income and I would feel more pressured to grow. In the next year or two I am looking to do a house flip for the capital, and then do buy and hold, so I need the time and flexibility to work on that. I remember you posting that you do flips, so I know it’s possible! Mainly I want to set up 6k+ in passive income and then have time to do other things, and window cleaning is going to help get me there.

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I did a lot of side hustles in the first 8 years of my business during winter months… house flips, side remodel work. I made great money that helped me to not had to depend on my business as much. The past couple winters I have done nothing but take my kids to school, hang out with my 3 year old son, and read dozens of books. I love it and I needed it. I am much more refreshed going into the spring season and approaching my business. My business has experienced more growth the past 2 years than it did the previous 5… get your priorities straight

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I used it in responsibid to do follow up and thank you cards. Have not done that in some time just use the email campaign now in responsibid every 6 months to past customers

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I paid a “discounted” one time fee of $750 after watching a webinar that they offered last year. I went to send out my first order and was shocked at the cost. It’s expensive as hell , especially when you realize that you will have to send out multiple rounds of mailers before getting responses. There are other companies who do the same thing for far less and don’t charge a signup fee. I wish I could get that money back since I don’t see myself using it any time soon.

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unfortunately that is what everyone finds out about the program. It’s a great concept and I’m sure it works, but the cost to start it up and keep it going isnt worth it.

Hey, I started a window cleaning business in Columbia, MO a few years ago and am just trying EDDM for the first time. Any advice on repetition vs. larger 1-time mail runs. Have you found certain mail pieces to be more or less effective based on design?

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WCR has good templates to start with. Check and see if you have any other WCR members in your market. You dont want to be sending out the same mailers. I would eventually get your own branded templates designed. Its A worthwhile investment. I would start out with targeting the main postal routes where you currently work out of, or where you want to work out of. sent atleast 3000k pieces a month. I would recommend atleast 3-4 times(march-may) in the spring and atleast twice in the fall (Sept-Oct). I am currently sending out over 7-8k pieces a month 7 months out of the year.

If you ever want to drive up to St. Joe and get some lunch let me know. I’m about 3 hrs away.


Thanks so much for the help! I’ll definitely let you know if I’m in the area, or may just schedule a trip to come out there when things get slow in the winter.