Send Jim holy **** who can afford this

$11.00 per customer to send a thank you card and 2 brownies. That would put me at over a grand a month to send my customers 2 brownies, then if I start adding thank you letters, post cards, neighborhood mailings etc. Who can afford this?

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Depends on what’s in the brownies.



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Reserve that for your high premium customers!
Everyone else gets a Bruce Lee quote on a thank you postcard.

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Nobody wants random brownies through the mail this year lol


I’ll take the random brownies! cake style please.
I send @Garry for reserving for high priority customers. I get my favortie customers a couple Nothing Bundt Cakes and they sing praises to their friends. I have the best clients and they refer their friends.

I think most are sending the brownies to new clients , not to all your clients every single month

Very decadent - I’m sure that’s how the Roman Empire filed for bankruptcy.

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I must say many of us might have jumped on this on the first opportunity… it was a good score. I will also say send Jim can make customers for life.
Remember J Lo… “Don’t be shy by the rocks that I got…” or brownies. ?
We all started from the ground up bro… remember that. Well… unless of course your a Fish franchise… then “No Comment”

$50/month, then whatever I spend in credits to send thank you cards and gift cards… I use radius bomb for the gated communities… on average I’m around a $500/month investment with the marketing and thank you cards

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