Seo companies?

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My wife and I have been in business for 7 years. It’s been going very well, but we’re trying to build up the business a little more to hire another employee. But we’re at this weird plateau where its hard to get just enough consistent work for another employee.

Our website doesn’t rank very well on Google, and I’m mulling using an seo company to help get us up there. Has anyone tried doing this?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

We’ve been using Justin Monk SEO for the past 15 months or so and have been happy with the results. He has a window cleaning background which was appealing to me.
We also have a Google My Business listing with about 80 five star reviews so far. The GMB is free and so important in getting people to find you. Having a Yelp listing with reviews can be helpful as well. Problem is a lot of your reviews may be deemed “not recommended” and unnoticed by a consumer. With Yelp we have 22 five star reviews that are visible and 45(!) five star reviews that are not recommended. Yelp basically wants you to pay them to advertise, and then magically more reviews become “recommended” and visible.
Good luck!

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Justin Monk SEO for sure!

Put it this way, I was the SEO guy, then i sold him my company and had him take over MY SEO.

That should speak volumes


Hey RPM - Couple resources that have worked really for me. Jay Abraham’s books Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got and The Sticking Point solution. Heres a link to many of his free content. You can download the PDF versions there for free. Its not an affiliate link or anything like that. Just passing along as Ive found his material to be gold.

Also you mentioned having 7 years in business… I imagine you have a rather large database of past customers and unconverted leads??? While SEO can be a great marketing tool it is a constant work in progress and takes time to get traction.

Before you spend the resources on SEO, make sure you have maximized ALL the low hanging fruit available within your database that can yield immediate revenue without incurring additional expense.

Good Luck- Joe

Hi there, I have a window cleaning company in Melbourne. Can you help me with seo as well?

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Looking for someone to help with offpage backlink building with window cleaning related niche.