So whos doing what? Currently if you Google [B]Window Cleaning[/B] with no [U][B]"[/B][/U] My window cleaning site comes up 9th.

I would like to better with that site as well as this one. Ideas / Tips / Suggestions anyone?

When I google [B]Window Cleaning[/B], your site doesn’t come up for me at all. This is because google tries to serve you localised results as best as possible. For the most part I get Canadian results first.

People generally put in a generic term like ‘window cleaning’ then discover they need to be more specific to get real localised results. When I google [B]New Jersey Window Cleaning[/B] you show up at number 4 spot.

You can improve your ranking in various ways but here are the top techniques. Make sure search keywords that people would use to find you actually appear within the text on your pages. Preferably close to the top and using <H> tags. Use meta tags, most notably the description tag in your page heading and include/repeat search words/phrases. Updated pages rank better because google likes up to date/relevant pages in it’s directory. The more frequently you update, the more frequent google will visit your site. Lastly, the more popular web sites that link to your site the better.

ACWC came up 10th on my google search for window cleaning

which is damned good for a generic term

Chris web search results depend on 2 factors…

Organically…this is where your website is displayed due to the wording in your website according to its relevance to the keyword typed into google.
So the first web page to be displayed has text that is more relevant to the typed keyword than the 8th for instance…altering the layout and wording of your web pages can help your website listing climb organically further to the top of the search results.

Inorganically…this is where one hires a professional to ensure that your web page is displayed at the top of each chosen search as a sponsored pay for this in accordance of traffic or as a monthly rental charge.

hope this helps

Chris, I couldn’t find you at all in Google…well maybe if I kept on going past page 5.

Don’t forget about off-site optimization as well. This has do with link building. A full 80 to 85% of search engine optimization is all about link building. So getting the keywords correct, meta tags correct, and all the other on-page/on-site stuff is great, but with all things being equal, whichever website has more links pointing to it is the one that will rank the highest.

Advertising on google adwords is easy, so hiring a professional is not needed. All that’s required is $5 to open an account and the correct mix of keywords. Once logged into your account, they even have a keyword tool where you can research keywords. You need to be very specific with your keywords when advertising with adwords because otherwise you’ll get untargeted traffic to your site which results in a low click through rate. And a low CTR ends up costing you more per click. Ex: “window cleaning” is incorrect. “new jersey window cleaner” is correct. You can also limit your advertising to certain locations which of course is what you want to do since you don’t want a window cleaning prospect in california clicking on your link for your business in NJ costing you money.

It’s worth it do some experimenting with adwords and see if it works for your business in your location. You can set a maximum amt. of money that is spent on ads each day, so there isn’t much risk. Set it at $5 or $10 a day and see how it goes.

Have a great day.