September Numbers

Sep 08 revenue compared to Sep 07 = +79.0%
YTD revenue compared to 07 = +6.3%
Profit YTD compared to 07 = -15.5%
08 vehicle expenses compared to 07 = +104%

Clearly, we did not plan for $4 gl. fuel :frowning:

Good stuff Steve.

I wont have all the details on our Sept #s until Friday.

I do know revenue in Sept was 27.6 % higher than I had planned on.

So I got that going for me.

what about profit? you said that you had planned for $4/gallon fuel, right?

I wont know the exact profit #s until tomm… maybe even longer than that. I have a rough idea… but its never exact until you plug the months actual s in.

I know we did good on gas, under than what we planned on.