Serious Dilemma

Thanks for the optimism Larry :slight_smile:

Just for clarification.

The contract that he is being asked to sign is not a job contract it is a agreement between Carlos and them that lays out general details as to their relationship. How they will assign work, payment terms, Base pricing etc. It is not property specific as that by the contract will come in the form of “Job Assignment Sheets”

He didnt need 2 mill only 1mil with 2mil aggregate.

You read it already ? That’s fast :slight_smile:

I should have said that instead of “contract”, I oversimplified it, my bad.

What you think Mike ? That is their “standard” package for contractors.

I sent you a PM you can share if you wish. I was just respecting your privacy.

Good Luck man

Here’s Mike’s PM and my reply in it.

Thanks and let see what comes out of this :wink:

I was seeking clarification. One should have clear and concise terms stated in an insurance policy or an agreement (like when using a vehicle for work. :p)

Very clever Larry, good memory too :wink:

I put my builder packet in the business document section here. I got the infromation from a lot of different sources, nothing original with me. 18 pages so you can have fun with it. If you have microsoft word you can edit it how you want.

I’ll look for it right now.
Thanks BC


I have been involved in only one accusation of scratching someones glass. I have seen scratched glass while cleaning for people who have used someone else before. I make it a point to show the homeowner when I find something so that they cant pin it on me. The glass that was said to be scratched was a total of 8 Pella Pro Line Series windows.

I contacted my agent, he told me to take a look at them to see if it truely matched my cleaning methods. He told me that if I did actually do the damage, an adjuster would take it from there.

Long story short, I met with the homeowner to inspect the glass. A couple of them had brick scratches from the brick layers. I pointed out that there was clay from the brick embedded into the glass. A couple of them had sandpaper scratches around the perimeter of the glass caused by painters who sanded the frames (and the glass). The others had a cobweb across them from a spider (spider did this after I left). The homeowner was very understanding and dismissed the whole thing.

I dont know if my agent was up on the latest on the fabricating debris issue. I figured that if I tested the glass for fab debris, I would then persue the fabrication issue with the homeowner and my insurance agent. Even though this house was built 3 years prior (it was a model for the neighborhood), the damages were obviously related directly to the building process - minus the spider webs of course.


Carlos, I know you’re jazzed about the idea of a big client but the biggest issue is FD. I’d make sure that they understand (in writing) no job gets donne w/out a waiver. If you have to scrape a waiver gets signed. If they want “alternatives” (I don’t offer this option) then a waiver for the possible IG seal damage that can result from the nature of harsh chemicals used. Don’t let the promise of income lead to a decision that could cost you your business. FD is no joke and will ruin you if you run into an unreasonable (or greedy) person and don’t have a waiver.

Thanks Tony, I did try to get in touch with this guy today with no luck, so probably next week we can get together and see if we can work something out.

Also keep in mind that it has not been proven, at least to my understanding, that some of these “alternative methods” to using a razor do not dislodge fabricating debris. Some have even debated as to whether a strip washer will dislodge fabricating debris.

I hope you get this job Carlos. Just make sure you have your bases fully covered first (which I’m sure you’ll do).

I would like to add one thing to wat Tony said - and that is to re-read what Tony said.
There’s a reason why I give a 18 page packet to builders. Here in Idaho we don’t have much FD, I have come across it on 2 jobs in the last 4 years. One job it was only on 3 panes, but nothing on the rest of the building. So I try to educate the people around here. I hear a lot of “well, we don’t have any of that here”, so they sign the waiver without any problem.

We didn’t have fabricating debris here either, until one day. Now I can almost count on seeing it on new construction. It almost seemed like somebody turned on the fab. debris switch.

I’ve seen FD on the top portion of a double hung and not on the lower portion.? It can be really sneeky.

Just a tip: I usually will find it on side lites by the front door, bathroom windows -especially the ones above the jacuzzi (slip in the tub-hand goes through the glass trying to catch yourself), Patio doors (especially the ones with pella insert type storm windows), any window that is below 28" from the floor has to be tempered according to building code. These areas are the most common areas you will find FD lurking the most. At least it has been my experience with it over the years.


I just hope no one finds the switch here

After thinking about it… maybe it was the tempering factory that turned their cleaning switch “OFF”.

That’s a safe bet!:wink: