Seriously in love with a squeegee

Man am I loving these Moerman Liquidator squeegee channels- Just ordered a few more for my arsenal.

Has anyone noticed you have to use a bit more pressure on the glass with these squeegees? Certainly not an issue but wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing…

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I’ve noticed that the liquidators call for a slightly different touch than a regular ss channel, but not that they need more pressure really.

For me the biggest factor in determining how much force to apply is the rubber itself. I believe Unger soft is about the floppiest rubber I’ve used, requiring almost zero pressure in the liquidator. Facelift red seemed to warrant the most force, with wagtail and moerman soft falling somewhere in the middle of the pressure gradient.


They were fun to play around with but we decided to just be friends. Been in a long term relationship with Ettore.


Haven’t tried them yet, though definitely going to pick up a few tomorrow if my man Mark has them in stock.

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I feel the same about my LQDs!..just ordered a 22" for my car dealerships and bigger glass. I personally like my modded clips that I straightened out a bit like I saw a WCr on youtube suggest. I use GG4 and just found it gripping like crazy on certain jobs but overall the pressure issue I think has been resolved for me with the clip mod. Maybe if I was using soap with more slip the clips would be perfect but especially on my residential windows that have a glass sealant, without the mod I could get almost no glide at all (which I guess is good considering the sealant works so well haha)…I recently have liked the wagtail rubber and black diamond hard rubber for my LQDs.

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I’m going to try my Ettore soft rubber in my liquidators. I haven’t played around with that yet.

I have two and two more on the way. pretty scared at first, on my second job I lost a clip, but within a couple of days Alex sent me a replacement. (UNREAL SERVICE FROM WCR!!!) I am using a little more pressure as well but i did change to the hard black diamond rubber though.

I love them, I haven’t been at this long enough to have developed tendencies to adjust, so I thought they were great out of the box. When ever I make another order i will put it on a wagtail pc, but gotta wait with shipping being $20.

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Try the black diamond hard rubber completely changes the feel of the liquidators. It’s the best rubber for these in my opinion I also like the under xl handles for them also

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