Service exchange

anyone do it on here? I just started doing it for a guy who has a sick brazilian jiu jitsu gym and solid team. Says if i do his windows and disinfect his mats every other week i get unlimited training a month. Thats a 150.00+ value. I dunno sounds like a deal to me.

I have a buddy that used to do it for a restaurant and he would get free food all the time.

Personally id rather have the cash but its nice to when you know your getting the better end of the deal.

if it is something you want and you think it is fair, it is a good thing.

We do a steakhouse bi-weekly that we trade for a $40 gift card. I give them away to customers and friends and take the family there at times. It’s a nice perk, since the card cost me $12 in labor.

thats a good exchange steve, plus your customers get all stoked getting a gift card i bet.

I used to trade guitar lessons for karate lessons. It will also help your skateboarding, and surfing.

I have a couple of diners I swap windows for meals…have for years

Ihave an auto parts store that I do, for oil, wipers, batteries, tools ect for my truck.

chinese food for window cleaning. Thank you have nice day bye.

I got a chiropractor, a clothing store (I clean windows, my wife goes shopping), and a direct mailing place, but man I NEED to get in on some of that Chinese food.

Your second statement sounds racist in this context.

I don’t like swapping meals for windows. Because some time I might go to clean the windows when I’m not hungry. And I have to go around a meal time. I like having more flexibility in my schedule. And one day I might get sick of their food as well. For those and other reasons I don’t swap food for window cleaning

Perhaps you could track the bartered totals and eat when it’s convenient for you.

What are the other reasons?

I apologize that it may have come across that way to you. I’m so far the opposite of racist. Have you ever had that greeting spoken to you? The laugh at my in a loving way when I try to pronounce chinese words with an American twang. Actually my family & I moved from WV to Ohio for the purpose to learn Chinese, and possibly in the future move to Chengdu located in central China.

Really, it didn’t sound racist at all to me. I still don’t understand how it could be taken that way, would you mind explaining.

Maybe he eats very fast like he is racing someone.

Chris explained that he was imitating a Chinese person’s speech (“Thank you have nice day bye.”):

That appears racist.

I didn’t say that I thought you were racist.

I did state that I thought your statement sounded racist.

Perhaps if I knew you and the statement was made in a one-on-one setting I would think otherwise. Here, it’s words on a screen. Consider it.

(I have had many relationships with Asian (Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese), European, and Latin nation people, both in personal and business settings. I am sensitive to what sounds racist.)

haha… Larry is a animal

I found nothing wrong with the statement. It is tough to call ourselves Americans and follow it up with “we are not racist”… of course we are (to an extent)

Larry needs to get a job as a journalist, he loves them sound bites

Well, you ARE uniquely qualified to determine what is right and what is wrong (your term.)

I read every post within the topic. I referenced two of the statements posted by Chris, and framed it with the term “context.” In this case, “sound bite” does not apply.