Servicemaster/Merry Maids

I have a meeting set for Thursday (at their request) to set down with a Servicemaster/Merry Maids regional manager. They are looking for a window cleaning service to handle window cleaning request from their customers

Does anyone know what I can expect from this meeting? Will they want a referral fee, or a cut of the job? Will these be considered “leads” per say, or definite service requests?


I can say this, and do what you want with this info, but if you go in trying to have them use you for window cleaning they will get turned off.
You’re trying to build a relationship with them, relationships are two ways.

IF you start the meeting with asking them questions about their business and how to better help them grow, how to refer work to them you will find yourself in a good position.
People want to help people they know and trust. Right out of the gate you’re building trust and the relationship will come.
During this meeting they will eventually ask about you and your business and since you’ve already established a trust foundation of looking out for them and helping them things will be very good for you.

It’s like a date, keeping them talking about them, you’ll get an opportunity to talk about you but the more you get them to talk about them the more they will feel like you have their back.
A lot of people on this forum may not agree, but if you do this I promise it will work. I do this for not only maids but other service industries and I’m getting more qualified referrals than I can handle.

it works

Thanks Matt. Good info. However, they approached me. And from the conversation I already had with the Regional Manager I know they’ve checked out my company, and that they also expect some type “cut” from any possible association. What I don’t wanna do is “sell my soul” or give up too much by way of significant reduction in my hourly.

Here’s my experience after a 1 year contract w/ Merry Maids. They want 30% of each job. They do the bid so you need to make sure the sales rep understands how to bid jobs correctly. I sat down w/ him and made sure they charged a little more for each style of window than I did so the 30% cut wouldn’t be to much.
You’ll need a tempered glass waiver signed by them so you are covered on that issue. I also had one issue where a customer had old windows w/ rope and pulley opening systems that were old and one rope came of when we opened the window to remove the storm. The customer had another company come out and make the repair and MM deducted that amount out of my check. I’d have a waiver made up that clearly spells out you’re not responsible for problems w/ poorly maintained windows.
They are frequently late in paying but have recently started a direct deposit system. Otherwise they want 2% off the bill to pay you in 10 days. Also they call last minute and expect you to drop everything to schedule their job.
I have not renewed a contract w/ them for the problems I listed here. They helped fill some gaps last year but my work schedule has exploded this year so any jobs I would have scheduled for them would have cost me money.
If you need some filler, your schedule allows for fitting in things in a weeks notice, and don’t mind waiting for your money then I’d say go for it.
If not, I wouldn’t bother having the meeting.

I actually work with Merry Maids on occasions when they use us for window cleaning when residential customers ask them about doing their windows. We don’t have any contract with them whatsoever, just met with the manager, he liked how we did things which would reflect on their side of the business too and sends us referrals most the time throughout the year.

All we do here is send them a nice candy dish at christmas. As an fyi sidenote its well worth working with them because we typically get the job 9 times out of 10 but as for a kick back of any sorts never been asked or has never been a problem - perhaps its because im British and you Americans love us so much… ha ha

Oh, in that case I’d say screw them…30%!!!
Find yourself some independent maid services and do what I said, you’ll get crazy results

I got some advice being that I was approached and worked with Merry Maids my first year…


I worked out a deal with them at a similar sitdown. I dealt with two franchisees and one corporate manager.

Basically we worked out a % per job (that being 25%). The pricing structure was set up by me and my prices were increased to cover most of their %.

They handled the billing by including the window cleaning on their invoice. They then would cut me a check weekly minus their cut. The money I saved on advertising was an extra bonus.

They had me booked and their customers base is pure gold

Count yourself as lucky and get on the bus while you can

I can’t say that I’ve ever dealt with Merry maids, but we do work for Servicemaster. They just call me, tell me where the building is, and I fax them a quote. They’ve always paid in a timely fashion and have been a pleasure to work with. If they add a cut to my price, that’s they’re business.

Servicemagic is $13/lead (in eastern virginia anyway) and they send leads to as many as 3 of their vendors.

Service Master, not Service Magic. Service Magic sucks imo. Isn’t Merry Maids & Service Master owned by the same company?

This is regarding ServiceMaster, a different entity than [URL=“”]ServiceMagic.


Merry Maids also has franchises

I also do work for Merry Maids here. I contacted them about a year ago to do their windows and had a meeting a few days later. I actually have it worked out that I get paid by the hour when I go. They do their own bid and I simply show up and do the work.

I get an email with the address, I email them back with the Date and Time I have open to do it and email them the hours it took when the job is completed.

Merry maids advertises in one of the local papers we advertise in. They advertise window cleaning. So, to check out what we may be up against I called Merry Maids to find out about their window cleaning service. I asked how they clean the windows. The woman informed me that “Joe Shmoe” who cleans the windows will use windex to clean the windows and then rinse them with water and dry them with paper towels. “Joe” who according to this woman is a very experienced window cleaner does not need a ladder as he tilts the windows in to clean them. HMMMMM…Makes you wonder doesn’t it!

I have the same relationship with Servicemaster. I have been very happy working with them.

I met with 2 merry maids locations a few years ago. Here is what I did:

I made them a price binder with pictures of windows and what we want to clean each window. I taught them how to estimate basically…

We still get our normal rate for each window… They just tack on 2 bucks per window of what we charge. We do the job they cut us a check for our normal rate and there is a bit left over for them for the coordination they did. Seems to work pretty well. They tried that percentage stuff with me, but I wouldnt go for it…

I think what they do is charge a $99 upfront fee and take 10% off of your first job that you take from their leads. At least that’s what I was told from their rep. but you never know there may be some additional fees

Each franchisee has their own way of setting up their subcontractor accounts.

Hello Matt,
I am trying to start a WCB in central California. Will this idea of working with Merry Maids and Service magic work for a new company to get started? I have nothing to offfer them but doing great work for customers in my area. Thanks for any feedback you may have.
Scott Cline