Sex toys in plain sight

Ok so this was first today.

A regular customer with rechargeable vibrators on top of the bedside table right next to the windows on charge…

Took me by extreme surprise not just 1 but 2, those have never been there in the past, must have just forgot to put them away?, or maybe just kinked things up haha

Kind of mind blown tbh, I would assume these thing would be in drawers, not in eyesight with customers in their mid to late 50s maybe older lol

Anyone else experienced the kinkiness on display?

Where you from son? Where I come from, vibrators aren’t
even close to being kinky. :slight_smile: And no, never seen them at
a customers house.


I once had to step over packets of anal lubrication on the floor to get to windows.

Aside from a customer coming down the stairs in her undies and conversing with us, I’ve only found one dildo. Under a bed that we had to move to get to a window. Didn’t say a word lol

Dude, when did you clean my windows? :wink:

When you walk into a bedroom and say “What the hell is that? What the crap is THAT?”

Never a sex toy , but I clean this gay couples house every year . He had a picture on his night stand of him in a leather outfit sitting down with his slong hanging out. I had to move it to get to the windiw too. I was praying to god he didn’t walk in while I was moving it. Ya … that was uncomfortable.

Haha I did a gay couples condo once. On the bedroom wall was a life-size oil painting of some Adonis looking mf, nude and fully torqued. Caught me a little off guard.

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I have a client with a small 50 shades room inside their closet. They had told me to clean all the mirrors in the house. Every time I clean interior I always ask, “are there any rooms I should not go into today?” They said “nope, make sure you get all the mirrors.” There was an extra door in the closet and I opened that door to a wall of whips, chains, and contraptions that I still do not understand how, where, or what they did. It was only open for a second but somehow that room etched itself into the deepest recesses of my mind.
I do not look at that couple the same…mid 60’s and not fit.

Truth told, they feel comfortable with your service… enough that they forget about hiding their shit.

  • I liken it to, leaving money on the dresser drawer.

  • right?!?


The founder of a local services app hired us for the first time in 2014. Left $1k sitting in plain sight on his dresser. Called me about halfway through the job to ask me to move to it inside his top drawer.

The whole thing was a test. We passed, and I actually became friends with the guy over the years lol


How do I make them feel uncomfortable again?

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I also cleaned windows for a gay couple and had artwork of men in nude poses (no frontals) and not of them. I also cleaned windows for a married man and woman and looked up and the wives boudoir photos were in a frame on the wall. Lucky for me she was a cougar!!!

I never found any out in plain sight but if you dig around enough
in their dresser drawers it’s amazing what you can find…


Pretend you didnt see it?

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