Shawn Gavin's New Machine

I saw pictures of it on the AUWC site. It looks pretty neat Shawn, nice and compact. How many feet of hose fit on that reel?

Yeah that’s a smokin little unit! Believe it or not we were cleaning the window with the pump not even on!! I think Shawn said there was about 160’ or so of hose on the reel.

Yeah I saw those pics too! Awesome unit. I wondered about the pump and battery. How was the flow?

160’ of hose give or take a bit.

Flow- this will vary depending on inlet pressure if you don’t have the pump on.

If the pump is on then it is 1 gpm or more.

The model that is pictured on AUWC features stainless steel housings. The off the shelf systems will feature PVC housings.

I would love to see it. I have been hearing a little about the new system. Any pics? I’m not a member there. I searched the forum but nothing comes up.

Is there a price differential?

What are the pros and cons of the different housing materials to the end user?

I tried to post a photo, but can’t seem to figure it out.

The photo needs to already be posted at a distinct web address.

When you get the final price I’d love to know.

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Total price is $3000.00

Man Shawn, that simply blows the competition out of the water. What’s the height and weight of the unit w/ pvc housings? Also what’s the cost of the DI cartridge replacement and RO membrane?

I’ll have to get back to you on exact height and weight. I do believe it is the lightest on the market, if not, its close.

The DI cartridge is 4"x40" and runs $150.00
The RO membrane is 4"x40" and is $500.00

I’ve been actively bidding more and more large apartment complexs to do wfp work on. If I can get one of these carts it’ll make these things a cakewalk. The manager at one of these complexs told me today that everybody she had come to bid her place wouldn’t do the 3rd floor. Just leaves more work for me.:wink:

Here are a couple photos of the system.

The hose reel actually holds 180’ of hose.

Total cost of this system is $3,000.00

In addition to the cart I also offer a Wall mount or van mount system. It is also an RO/DI set up only it is customizable in the way you mount it.

Attached is a photo of this set up.

It retails for $2,250.00 and is currently on sale for $1,950.00

Shawn that looks sick… Do you have one of those in everyday use? If so for how long?

Are you talking about the wall mountable unit?

Yes i am… Ive wanted something like that for a while for space saving reasons.

The wall mountable system is extremely efficient. On average it will remove 95% or more of the inlet TDS leaving very little work for the DI to do.

The prefilters consist of a 5 micron sediment and a carbon block filter. There are built in gauges that tell you when to change the prefilters. The RO and DI are both monitored by the in-line TDS meter.

Doesn’t get much easier really.