Shit happens

When you hear a boom at 2am you know what it is when you live on a main road , but you don’t know how bad . You walk out your door walk now the walkway looking to the right an this first thing you see

You turn around walk back and then see this :rofl::rofl:. Yup , doesn’t help when my work trucks are blocked now. Well at least they didn’t come through the house


I’m sorry. I was informed a good friend died greatest after being visitation for 3 weeks after being t- bones by a car running a red light. her dad is in critical condition still. I hope they’re all well and that you can get your stuff fixed and going quickly.

Sorry to hear about that , that’s sad , you just never know. That’s the first thing I said to my wife. She takes the dog out every night around 9-10pm right down that walkway . Who cares about the car that can be fixed.
Today’s jobs will be rescheduled. If they decide to go elsewhere than so be it.


Glad you guys are ok , did the car hit your home ?

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Thanks pal, No it didn’t hit the house. just the car.


Wow! Sorry, I just saw this!
Took me a minute to discern what happened!

Thank goodness you and your are ok, my man!!!

Fuckin aye!!!

People are so f-ed up these days (and Im not doing an ‘old man, griping about “these kids!”’)

Proof… its so easy to merge in front of someone these days… because there is SO MUCH ROOM TO DO SO…

Because every light has a lengthy pause, due to phone staring.

  • these fuckers are good for at lease a minute or two, hesitation, per red light. lol

Yup !!! She was either drunk or texting there’s a light 10’ before she hit the parked car . So obviously it was green , there’s a bend right after the light she hit that car that was parked. totaled it , an must of got knocked out , an her foot was probably still on the gas , which propelled her onto my lawn . Can’t imagine if another car was coming from the other way. That would of been a mess :scream:. I’ve told a few people that live in that corner house not to park there car there. That’s the second time someone cracked into one there. I’ve been meaning to tell these people , jus didn’t get around to it . It’s a rental house . I think they know now :rofl:

Man, that’s crazy. If I had that house, I’d probably resort to stacking hay bales as a barrier, like on some road race courses :joy:

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lol… ya maybe for Halloween , but after that around here it’s say a prayer every night .

This is the 5th time since I’ve been living here 20 years now. Some real bad ones too. Not going to bore you with all the stories . But there are some funny ones. Know one died or of course it wouldn’t be funny.
This is the third one that I was the first one out and on the scene :man_firefighter: Ill tell ya it’s gut wrenching feeling when your the first one on a scene like this. It’s why I keep writing in here about it. I don’t want to pay for a psychiatrist :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll use you guys to get my inner feelings out. Lol

You see my house I’m not rich ya know :sunglasses:

Makes me appreciate cops , an first responders even more. What they must see :cry: