Shoes for ladders

In my market 90% of houses are one story. I’m moving to TN in a month and from what I can tell, about 70% of houses have second story windows. I don’t use my extension ladder much here but as a zaftig fellow, when I do use it for extended periods (like when we used to do gutter cleaning) my feet really hurt. Is anyone aware of shoes that support your whole foot even when on just one rung? I’m imagining a rod through the bottom or something, not just harder plastic/leather bottom.

I have never had a problem with high top shoes and orthopedic insoles. Been climbing stacks for 30 years.

But are you 290 lbs :wink:

185 lbs

Work boots :hiking_boot: Timberlines , Red wing

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Have you tried a little giant ladders ? They come with flat rungs . Also I notice when I’m on the ladder , I use the front part of my foot to place on the ladder . Kinda like if I was on my toes , hope that makes sense . And I used merrell shoes , high tops in fall and winter , low top in spring and summer

One thing I notice about many pics I see of American Window cleaners, the ladders always seem very poor quality/construction and many window cleaners I see use have round rungs.
I cant recall the last time in my career that I used a ladder with round rungs.
I also find the LG type ladders rungs to be to narrow when extended to be used comfortably all day or even an hour.

construction boots/safety boots usually have a steel plate in the arch to prevent nail injuries that might help.

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I have done well with Timberline hiking boots. The thicker sole does fine. Also a flat rung is better than a round rung ladder.

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I also noticed today the little giant that if you don’t extend the top all the way . Your feet will be on 2 flat rungs , having a good portion of your foot on 2 flat rungs . Hope this helps

Werner ladders (has flatter rungs), Keen Targhee 3 and orthotic insoles to keep plantar at bay. Don’t forget the ladder levelers.

For days when I know I’m going to be spending long periods on a ladder, I wear my Asolo boots. They are fairly stiff, but more light-weight and breathable than your average work boot. They are Gor-tex as well.

Coleman boots here. One suggestion is to find a workboot or shoe store. Also as others have said, the ortho inserts help a lot.

I ended up getting some construction boots. They have thicker soles as well as a plate inside (I guess to protect against stepping on nails) so far they’re working well (they make me even taller as the sole is more than an inch thick at the heel)