Short Messages

Chris - Alex,

Sometimes I want to write a very short reply to a post. Like lol, or thanks and it tells me the thread is too short.

Sometimes all I want to write is a short and sweet reply. Have you considered dropping that rule so we don’t waste words or have to write useless characters to put “lol” or something.


Done its now a 3 character min. (used to be 10)

cool, thanks.


one more, can you make it mandatory to fill out more info in the user CP/home areas? I would be better to have more info on a company and person than just a name. Most sites do this, at first I did not mind but if someone is offering advice or critisisms, then they should be best able to back up their statements, by telling the world and other people here some more about them.

just a thought

Hey Ed

I would love to do that… Im just fearful it would impact participation numbers… What specific fields did you have in mind.

Chris is 100% right. All of the other boards and forums(except NWCD) want you to list name & company etc. It would cut down on the participation alot. I wouldnt post here anymore I can say that much. There are a good number of people on the forums that know who I am and where my business is. This is because I have PM them for discussion etc. I used to post to Mauers group for years until I found out that 3 local competitors were checking in on me. Bottom line is that member participation would dwindle away. I love to share knowledge with my fellow window cleaners, i just dont want to do it on a local level.

Some people don’t like giving out to much personal info on the internet. Some people like their privacy.

Reading your post is illuminating.
How about at least a Real Name,
I was also hoping for business area, but I can see where you are coming from on that score. How about General location, as in Southern Ontario, for example, or Norther New York State?

Ed I like voting… Why dont you toss up a poll and get the general consensus of the board.