Short pole

I just got a small pole from Home Depot. It’s actually an extendable frame for a paint roller. The pole extends from 1ft - 2ft approx. You just have to cut off the extending roller frame part w/ a hacksaw and it’s ready to use. The tip that’s on it just right for every piece of equipment I use. Not only that but I outfitted it w/ a carabiner and now it’s on my belt.

Cool idea, Tony. I like it.

Doesn’t it drive you nuts banging into your leg, though?

I did general contracting for over a decade and got used to having a hammer always bumping into my leg so it’s no big deal for me. It also hangs in the same area as my screen brush so I barely notice it. Like I said it’s only about 1ft when collapsed.

The major pole manufaturers also sell that size but thiers are lighter. May be something to look into?

I bought something similar, it goes from 1 to 2 feet. saved my sorry arse on the ladder many times.:cool:

My Unger 1-2’ pole:

Do you carry this on a belt attachment or just grab it when you think you need it?

I carry it either on my belt using a loop through its handle or in/on my Unger ErgoTec Pouch (pocket/loop.)

These 2 pics are from Craig @ Sparkle Window Cleaning

If anyone is having any picture size issues… Please let me know and I can help you out.


Basically what i did was take some clear tubing with a inner diameter large enough to accommodate a garelick 1-2’ pole SUPER easy and the handle of the pole rests nicely on the tubing.

Its easy to take in & out & always there when you need that extra reach.

The only problem with other poles is there too cumbersome due to collars etc.

Thats why i chose the garelick easier pole to utilize as well.

How did you get the tube to stick to the bob?

Actually, of the major WC manufacturers, both Unger (UniTec) and Ettore (Interlock) offer pole models with the same type of internal locking mechanism (no external collar) as Garelick, though not in the 1-2’ length.

I currently have a 2-4’ Garelick (it was free) that I rarely use – I like Unger.

As of now, I have a total of three Unger UniTec poles (6.5’ and 13’.)

Someone could still economically alter an Unger or Ettore pole if they have a preference to brand.

In my case, I use the collar to my carrying advantage.

What i did was drilled a hole in both the clear tubing & the BOAB.From there i used rubber washers on both the inside of the tube as well as the inside of the BOAB used a stainless steel screw w/SS nut and one of those locking type cap nuts you can squeeze.

I can dig however you carry a smaller pole,its all about having it when you need it.Thats why i like the garelick1-2’ barely sticks down past the BOAB & its out of the way.

I’ve been doing this for at least 2 years now.

Craig I love the idea, can you post a better picture of the pole thanks

Bill from Boston

Not sure what you are wanting a better pic of the pole or how i assembled it to accept the pole?
My resolution skills suck! I hate to have to keep bugging Chris to re-size things for me.

Craig i dont mind at all. Also you can just get an account at for free. With that you can post whatever you want and in any size.

Craig I couldn’t make out the picture at first but I can see it now thanks.

Bill from Boston

Bill …if by chance you need any other info feel free to PM me i’ll be happy to assist.Also bear into mind im a lefty so you will want to position the tube on the opposite side of the BOAB. If your right handed?

Thanks for the info. Craig

Bill from Boston