Shotgun spores

We have a house with shotgun spores on it, but the windows cannot be razored without causing scratches. Have you had any success removing the spores without a razor blade?

Wet it heavy ahead and let it sit a few mins. Not as good as a razor, but we’ve found it does the trick.


The only thing that helped (other than my fingernail) is a plastic card…other than that, I can’t get them off without scraping (usually what I do) or using the backend of an Ettore BRASS channel.

For 2 bucks, I think I will try what you listed there…couldn’t hurt

I have also used 000 bronze wool or 0000 steel wool successfully.


I have about a 50/50 success rate using hot water with the hybrid brush on my wfp. Takes some scrubbing, for sure.

I’ve removed it with the Walnut pad scrubber.


That is a nice idea, I will grab one of those to try.

I run into the artillery fungus plenty here in tropical Florida. Lots of lush landscapes and mulch. I usually have to scrape them with the blade or the back end of my brass squeegee channel…sometimes they are covered top to bottom with hundreds of them.

Plastic razor blades my dear chap.

Credit card in a pinch.

I ran into big pictures covered with artillery fungus a few weeks ago, I used a credit card and alot of soap in a pinch. Amazon sells specialty red plastic razor blades that fit in 6" Triumph scrapers, and those work a treat, do a search.

Hopefully WCR carries these someday.


I have not used them, but I have a 6 inch triumph mk3…must try these plastic blades as I have given up on “scraping” with razors. No more!

Just wanted to follow up on this. I bought these plastic “razor blades” for the Triumph. They will get off about 80% of the spores, and then using dry 0000 steel wool takes off the little spots that are left behind.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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