Should I ask to come in to clean balconies?

New to window cleaning here! Just a question, if the customer has a balcony do I ask to go inside their home to use their stairs to reach it or am I expected to do it only from outside using a ladder? I don’t have a car ATM and carrying around a long ladder seems a bit unethical and clunky. Is it okay to ask them for me to come in to use the stairs? Maybe Im overthinking this stuff but I just want to get cleared.

You need a car or way to get around at least. Cleaning inside is part of the job.

I suggest starting out doing storefront glass with a pole first before residential. It may be easier to learn and you’ll build up skill/confidence for going inside homes.

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No car and you run a mobile business? Find a way to fix that. Maybe get a bicycle with trailer for your ladder and equipment. Market yourself as the Bicycle Window Cleaner; that way you can hide behind the fact that you are a mobile business but with no auto-mobile. Re-market yourself when you get a vehicle.
You can ask for access to the balcony, but what will you do to get the job if they deny you entry in the home for an exterior job? Hint: Dress and present yourself in such a way that someone will invite you into their home.

No car… but you’re cleaning residential windows?

Gonna follow this one just for the entertainment the replies will provide

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You don’t clean the insides? If outside only is the norm down there then you might be expected to use a ladder. Cant hurt to ask when you book the job though. No car, do you ride a bicycle?