Should I bid storefronts when I know the probably already have someone clean there windows?

Next door to my apartement there is a strip mall. I assume they have someone already clean all the windows because most every other storefront in my area has a window guy already. So should I canvass these stores with free bids even when I know the probably already have someone doing it?

Well you know the saying, The answer is always no unless you ask.

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Dunno, do you like to eat food? Have any bills you might want to pay?

My attitude is: It’s not that they have a window cleaner, it’s that they don’t have ME. And that’s their loss, but I might be able to squeeze them in.


Might not be happy with who they have.
May have dropped off the face of earth.
May have been a one and done.
May have retired.
May have moved.
May have died.
Might like you better.
Might like your price better.
Might not have anyone in actuality.
Might like your cards.
Might be in a good mood.
Might be a new owner.
Might be a new business.
Might say no but think about it after you leave and change their mind.
Shall i continue?


Ok, i will.

Might want their house done.
Might want both their houses done.
Might pass your number to a friend.
Might pass your number to a relative.
Might pass your number onto a customer.
Might pass your number onto a fellow business owner.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

-Wayne Gretzky
–Michael Scott
—Robert Hutchinson


Don’t chase dirty funky windows there is a reason they are dirty.