Should I get insurance just starting out?

I want to get into window cleaning to make money and i want to know if i need insurance if i’m just starting out on friends and families houses? What equipment should i get if i don’t want to use a ladder? What should i do if i want to go door to door but kind of shy and have a low voice.

You don’t need insurance, buts is good to be covered. If you decide not to get insurance, just make sure you advice them that you’re not covered

sounds good, thank you. How long of a pole should i get to reach the second story windows, my moms house is single story and my dads is two stories.

I highly recommend you ask this over in the sister site WCR. I could go over the basics with you as a window cleaner but they can cover some stuff I’ve forgotten years ago.

Edit: jeez louise I thought this was the PWR site lol.

I thought this website is WCR, if not can you put a link in your reply to what your talking about?

Sorry I must’ve clicked on WCR somehow when I posted this.:laughing:

But anyhoo…

I primarily do residential. I use a 6" brass squeegee and 6" scrubber for french windows. Anything else I have a 14" squeegee and scrubber, along with a belt bucket aka BOAB, a window cleaning bucket with handles that attach on the ends (important so you don’t catch an edge on stairs and dump water like a water park). I also use a Triumph mk 3 scraper and stainless blades but you have to be super careful on how/when you use it.

Poles, I have several but use a 4’ and 8’ extendable the most, locking painters poles at Lowes are perfect. Anything higher than that I have my various extension ladders.

Now in your case you’ll need to learn how to safely tilt in double hung windows so you’re not having to use ladders. It’s a science, some are pretty darn stubborn and/or broken. Here in KY we have well over a dozen different types.

Towels, it’s personal preference. I like thicker ones from Martex, most cleaners use surgical towels.

A word of advice, if you’re not familiar with ladder use, please please have someone holding the base. Some surfaces are fine, others will have you sliding back like Christmas Vacation. People get killed/paralyzed all the time from slidebacks.

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I’m from southern california, and i don’t want to use a ladder if i don’t have to especially because i only have a small ford fiesta, i’ll probably just use extension poles if i can get some that reach to the second story. Thanks for the recommendations.

Falling off a ladder wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

The property damage the ladder caused to the property would be.

You would be surprised how easy it is to break things wile using a pole. I knocked a kid that snuck up behind me with a pole once.

Its best to get that GL policy.

That’s why i don’t want to use a ladder if i don’t have to because my grandpa has fell off one and he was hurt for a bit many years ago. That’s why i want to try and avoid ladders as much as i can.

I personally wouldn’t do 2nd story windows with a pole starting out . It has a huge Learning curve , you’re just going to get frustrated. Start with 1 story homes and work your way up , you’ll probably just need a 4-6 foot step ladder max or a 4-6 foot pole .

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Sounds good, thank you all so much with this. Love the profile picture.

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A good way to get experience and build confidence is to do WC pro bono for non-profits.
They probably don’t have budgets for WC, so you will get experience cleaning really dirty windows. They will be VERY appreciative of the pro bono work, especially as there will be a very noticeable improvement.