Shout Out to Sir Steven (Stevo) - my intellectual property theft

Stevo - Prince of the Window Cleaners!

After stealing all his ideas from the Youtube channel I figure I owe him this much.

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Stolen from Stevo - ideas maybe not new to you but new for me.

  • Sorbo on a double bend Ledger.
  • The quality of Ettore Rubber - less friction than Pulex or Unger rubber.
  • Business sense on when to ditch a client and when to be patient.
  • The Trad Pole.
  • Boar’s Hair brushes.
  • Fanning techniques.
  • Zero degree squegee. When you need one - you really need one.

Ideas I offer up

Plastic six inches blades - when used correctly and save you rubber and your sanity on CCU. I know some people don’t like them. It’s not a cure all and never claimed to be a full replacement for metal blades - it’s to be used in a system of work if scratches are likely with metal.

The Melamine white pads - ideal for removing silicon - even faster than a metal blade.

The Flip n Lite Stepladders from Little Giant - they are heavy duty mostly for indoors but excellent quality.

The Ramsey Triangular ladder. I doubt you’ve seen this - looks like that -

It’s perfect for uneven ground outside on CCU - which is common. It’s great because the head or bonnet bit rests on the window - wall edge so you have full access to the frame and glass without the trouble of a wobbly stepladder and it’s faster to carry it about.

I stole ideas from Luke too - the one that comes to mind is the squeeze bottle on a holster.

I upgraded this by going to a Condura 1000 nylon bottle holder which is a modular pouch system soliders use. The bottle holders sold on the window cleaning websites are not substantial like those are. I got a lot of different molle pouches for window cleaning kit - they come in all shapes and sizes for tools.

Yep, Steve cleans windows like I do…almost to a “T”-- nice to see someone know what’s up.

I see Steve and Luke sometimes using a small six inch squeegee to mop down sills.

It makes sense but I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Maybe will change my ways one day. Too used to using a wet cloth after my detailing dry scrim - but I might change to those surgical towels.

Foreigners and their strange ways!

I think the 6 is just so you aren’t damaging your squeegee rubber getting the water off the frames (Instead of using your 20 inch or 22 inch?). I don’t do it that way, but it makes sense I guess. No right or wrong way to clean windows, I just like they are efficient and that’s all you need in this business…it is not a race, but you just get into a good pace :slight_smile:

Think I have the skills but I need to improve how I manage cashflow. I want a nice tight loop between incomings and outgoings so the business is growing at a constant rate.

We shamelessly have learned from Stevo as well. Sadly, the worst head that I purchased was rated the worst by him. I didn’t listen… :expressionless:

Here you have a easy to make DIY pump sprayer holder. You can pump it while on the belt. Fast on /off belt.


Great idea!

Hey this is a really neat idea. I could see that added to my arsenal

Would have been useful this weekend. I was using a pump spray with ipa to prespray a giant corporate building with oxidized aluminium on the glass.