Shoutout (again) for this community and profession!

Some of you might remember my posts from earlier this year as I got my business up-and-running. I’ve wanted to try and build a legit business, but thought I’d start slowly and mostly do side-work for the time.

Then, around mid-March, I lost my full-time job. My bosses called me into a meeting and lied, ridiculed, and hurled all kinds of accusations at me, then gave me 3 months worth of rent while telling me to keep my mouth shut and don’t say anything bad about them. As the father of a not-quite 1-year old, that lit a fire under my butt. What started as a side-gig and potential full-time job immediately became my family’s only way to keep a roof over our heads.

Anyway, with my wife working full-time, I could only run my business 2 days a week max (still working that way). Using the skills I’ve acquired over the years, and with much help from you all here, I’ve already surpassed my 2022 income goal! I wanted to gross $20k in my first 12 months, and I’m currently at $26k gross with enough personal income in the bank to pay the bills for the next 3 months!

Still getting jobs scheduled, still taking care of my equipment, and still reaching for those goals. Some people have offered me - or suggested I apply - for other jobs, including teaching at a university. No way! Building my own business and not having to sit under the fear of being abused and tossed around by corporate culture is one of the best things in the world!

Thank you all, and I’m sure I’ll be thanking you all again in the future as I continue learning and listening.



I started off pretty similar.

For me I’m just tired of my job, my boss lays everything on me. Call up people to collect payments? - Me. Customer complaints? - Me to deal with. I’m out Friday night getting sushi or on my time off? I get work related texts. Just tired of it, I’m doing the work of an owner for low pay. In a certain sense it’s good cause it taught me a lot but it’s not worth it. The one sales guy I’m cool with knows ima leave soon, he says good luck to the company when I leave lol

I’m pretty similar not including some buildings we are fortunate to have and not including my dad’s leads. Only counting my leads and referrals. I was gonna leave the job mid / late winter but ah screw it. I want some time off after working 3 years so now gonna leave in October.

+1. The freedom of working on my own is the best. No one there to bug me.

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Happy for you :face_holding_back_tears:

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Thanks Narcos! It’s been good reading your posts and learning from your experiences since we’re growing our businesses at similar times.

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