Show off your vehicle set up! (Window Cleaning Vehicle that is)

Hey Guys,

I was just curious to see what peoples window cleaning truck /vehicle set-ups look like? I use to run my company with White Dodge Ram. Wish i had pics but I never took any at the time.

Post your set up!

I run this fly Pinto with the top chopped off and some rugged tires. I have the back outfitted with a compressor and a couple DI tanks. Can’t show a picture because I don’t want anyone to copy my style

We just got our newest van. A 1998 Chevy Express 1 ton cargo. Once I have it fully set up I’ll do a video and some pics.

Babe the Blue Ox

I think we like ford rangers.

Prolly due to a brain tumor as a result of your proximity to those evil power lines…


I’m really liking this little vehicle, it’s a Ford Transit connect… This new body style that just came out is about a foot longer than the old one. Need to get it wrapped

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Customer needed a late start so here’s my set-up.



2000 VW Beetle :sunglasses:
As of right now solo company…
Inside all my gear and… Reach-it mini/2 extensions. Step ladder, 2 small DI tanks and garden hose/240ft of water line.

I’ve gotten 2 jobs from people seeing me next to my car these last 2 weeks!


Very cool! :sunglasses:


Haha i know its a shit show…i swear ill clean it on my next day off! Sometime in august lol

What kinda board, i miss socal!

PS… Organize that van dang! :wink:

I would if my ahole boss would ever give me a day off! Hes a real scrotum! He even makes his kids work

He told this one that he was going to summer camp! Wth


San Francisco. There are times that I miss living on Nob Hill…

I remember 10 years ago looking at poorly cleaned glass and asking if they would be interested in having it done right. This was 8 years before I picked up a professional squeegee! I guess it’s in my blood…

Just picked up a new 6x10 trailer for WFP set up.

The build starts now.


jhans, I built a 6x10 wfp trailer this last summer- I love now working out of a trailer with a stationary pump & purifier and running my hose off of a reel. Plus on the cold wet days I run a heater in my trailer and take a coffee break to warm up!

Cool feature.