Show up on iphone maps, google search

Hey guys,
When you google window cleaning “town” the first thing that comes on an Iphone is “maps” with a business. Any one know how to get listed there? I added my business to apple maps but dint do anything. Is it a yelp thing? Because when I click on that business, it shows the pictures being pulled from yelp. Thank you.

Sounds like you’re referring to “google my business” listings. Enrolling will list your business on google, allowing you to get reviews, utilize AdWords, etc. Definelty a good step for establishing an online presence. And after all, people google everything. Download the app and you can get the process started from you phone

Its different because 1 of my competitors removed their business on google my business be cause he got a nasty review and hes show up under apple maps. Here is a picture of what I get when I google window cleaning “town”.

I thought you were referring to this. Sorry, not sure there

If any one knows that would be awesome. I’m guessing those guys are getting tons of leads because it’s very convenient. No competition and the client just has to click on his name.