Shower enclosure cleaning

Hi there

Any of you guys offer (advertising or not) Shower doors/enclosures cleaning ?
I mean, hard water/calcium deposits removal ?

If you do, would you mind to share the marketing part of it and the process that you use?

I worked for close to 2 years as a helper for a Glass shop, I learned a lot there, not as much as I wanted, because they where only worried about the sales part. The installation part was left to us with little to no training. I left because I didn’t see any future for me there, I was getting paid as a helper and doing the installer’s work and even better sometimes.
Since the big $$$ was made selling new units, they didn’t put much effort in removing that from showers, they used it as an excuse for replacement.

I know there’s a market for this service, even when the HO doesn’t know it.
As always my main concerns are pricing + process + marketing.

Thanks a lot

Safe restore will do a good job. First scrape off all the old soap and such and then apply. Lots of time this stuff is etched in and will not come off completely. I have tried cc550 and it does not touch some of the stuff either. It is a crap shoot in a way and must be presented as an attempt, not a guarantee. I do not charge if it does not come off so I only pursue it if I have the extra time that particular day (after suggesting the lamps and mirrors)

I had great success with Lemons. I posted this somewhere else, I have also started using them in the home for cleaning.

Hi Karl,

What kind of brush do you use on your water fed pole?

Take Lemon,
cut in half
bowl of water, squeeze some lemon into the bowel
put in microwave for about 3 min

now clean, with the hot Lemon and the lemon water… what a difference.

Also, using a small steam cleaner will give you great results, just be careful on which type of glass to use it on. Add in Lemon water as well to it.
ps. do that to clean out your microwave as well, it works great

I’m talking about adding this service in my flyers or postcard.
How you guys go about pricing ? I’ve noticed that [email protected] offers it but he doesn’t charge if he can’t get it clean, which seems obvious, but I believe that you can make a “test-spot” and show the customers, to a few of them I think it will be good enough, depending what are they looking for … at least you’re gonna set their expectations.

I haven’t had enough time lately but I couldn’t find a lot of info on the web about this done “professionally” .

Is the thing with the lemons for real ?

One that isn’t out on the market yet - hopefully it will be soon.
I also use a salmon brush for some of my work.

I don’t even bother with the microwave - unless I’m cleaning the microwave itself. I reckon it would block the steam cleaner as it leaves quite some residue.
For hard water scale: rub on the glass, squeezing as you go. Leave for half an hour then go back & redo. After another around ten minutes it has removed the minerals.