Shurflo to WFP. what adapters? connect hoses

I bought a WFP and a shurflo backpack

tubes are different sizes
What’s the best way to connect this thing?

shurflo 3/8 hose
wfp 5/16 hose

should it just be a straight up adapter? should there be a shut off valve in between?

Maybe @Pure_Water_Window_Cl can give you information on his slick setup and a pic. :wink:

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3/4 cubic foot DI tank sold here is a better option. Can you return the shurflo? I have a shurflo setup but I don’t use it anymore because its too much work filtering and dumping heavy jugs. It was a waste of money for me.

Here’s a short video in which you’ll see the “EZ Snap” quick connect that we use on our systems. It can be used to connect two different ID hoses. Below the video are 2 links to the parts you’ll need to order from WCR.


3/8 barb coupler body brass, get a Male brass Plug 1/4, then connect the plug to a female/ female brass ball valve. Connect a 1/4 male threaded barb (make sure the barb part is small so you can connect it to your 5/16wfp hose, maybe 1/4(I forgot the size), use a hair dryer to warm it up so It will expand over the barb) Make sure you use a small metal hose clamps on ALL barb fittings, or else heat and presses will blow them off.

The ball valve is nice because you won’t have to bend down and press the button under the unit every time. You can also attach the ball valve high up on your hand cart.


The surflo pump comes with 3/8 OD MIP threads. So you will need this
adapter You can
use 1/4 or 3/8 or 1/2 hose run the inlet side of the pump to you tank and
the outlet side goes to your wfp or hose reel to wfp