Sick Power washing Rig

Came accross this pic on web…

Neat power washing rig

Check this one out Rob.

You can read more about it at

I got to see one of these units at a pressure washing roundtable in Myrtle Beach last weekend. Cleans 10k square feet an hour while recovering the waste water.


How much would a rig like that set you back…?

Micah that is insane… I would guess ? $20 grand + ?

Is there a market for that level of power washing?

Airports, car parks i suppose…

I wouldn’t get much use out of it anyway though…:smiley:

Still i wouldn’t mind it lying in my garage.

That first picture did not show the actual “Swabby”. Here’s a picture of that.

These units run in the 135K price range I believe. It’s sold as a franchise, they do a lot of marketing for you. I suppose it’s worth it if you live in an area where there is the need.

Multi-level parking garages are the ideal area for this. It’s great for areas where the Clean Water Act are enforced, as it recycles the water. Nothing goes down the drains.

I am thinking about building a smaller version of this over the winter, for next season.

Try to get the highest GPM pump you can find Steve. Have you used a hot water pressure washer before?

No. We only use cold water units right now. The big one is a 4.0 gpm@ 3,800 psi.

Hot water will really speed up the flatwork jobs. I just sold my 5.5 gpm 3000 psi hot water machine. I’m looking at either a 8 or 9 gpm machine now. Those can run two guns or surface cleaners at the same time, or you can clean super fast with just one. You probably won’t use the hot water on every job… but it’s nice to have it when you need it.

I would love to have one of these rigs.

Nice setups here!!!

Hot And Mighty Mobile Cleaning Systems

Is that a boat trailer. :confused:

Don’t think that is a boat trailer but it does look a lttle on the lite side!!

Don’t appear to have any flor in it either.

Nice setup tho.

if anyone is going to make a rig…do it right and make it hot! When you put a burner on if you leave it off then its cold water (common knowledge, I know) but then you have it if you need it! Flat work is bigger in hotter areas Ron M. ONLY does flat work!

Josh did you end up getting that one rig?

ya…28HP liquid cooled kohler 3000psi @ 10 gallons a minute or 2 wands at 5 gpm, heated. Its nice, been a huge money maker! That I am happy about cause I had it built before i even had a gig.