It has settled down a bit. Thanks for asking!
It took about 3 months to get to the point that they could write a prescription for the lens. The good thing is I can see out of it, but with that eye alone I don’t see straight lines, but that has also gotten a little better. Learning to see one eyed messes with distance judgement and balance, but slowly that too is getting better so that I can use the ladder again. It may take a full year or more for it to function mostly normal? I’m 67, the Doctor said a detached retina could happen at any time after 40! I’ve been near sighted all of my life and he said over time the strain on the eye can cause this damage. I am just glad that they could restore the vision in that eye after 4 days of no vision in that eye!
If any of you see floaters, or flashes of light, GO GET YOUR EYES CHECKED!
Looking forward to a better year…LOL…See what I did there? :slight_smile:

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