Business came to a screeching halt last week. I have a detached and torn retina in my right eye and lost vision in it for 5 days before surgery could be scheduled on Wednesday last week. I still don’t have usable vision in that eye after surgery but light is coming in and I can see color of very blurry images. Doc says it could be several weeks to a couple of months before I retain usable vision in that eye and maybe a year before it settles into what a prescription eyeglass can correct. Follow up appointment with the surgeon is today. Hoping for some good news out it, but pretty difficult to to do things we all take for granted when suddenly relying on one eye. Depth perception is off, driving is short very needed drives to the store only, and certainly no exertion of energy or ladder climbing! Hope your week was better than mine. Always sock away a percentage of cash for a rainy day because rainy days aren’t easy.

Oh man Garry I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with that!

I hope recovery is far more on the sooner side for you

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Oh that’s sucks , hope you have a speedy recovery man

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Well the good news is the doctor said it is healing exactly as it should. She expects the vision will be good once the gas is absorbed that was put in the eye to help it heal (couple of months). The surgeon seems very optimistic that I will regain good eyesight in that eye. Good news for a bad situation! Unfortunately no work for a while but I’m debt free other than mortgage so I can manage that. Man, building up to todays doctor visit I was almost convinced I would be blind in that eye and okay vision of the left eye. Although depth perception is a bit wonky and will be while the brain adjusts.


So sorry to hear this Gary. I hope you heal quickly , and successfully . I hate hearing this type of stuff that happens to someone who is out there working hard , and who has built up a good business.
I’m glad you’re not in debt , and you put aside something to somewhat manage through these ruff times. Glad to hear Dr gave you some good news that can give you some sort of hope to get back at it soon :+1::muscle:


Thanks! Yes, I have been sort of on panic mode for the last week. Good news today makes feel hopeful and optimistic. Business always drops way down during the summer for me and picks up like mad after the first week of October again. Maybe I will be back up and running by September and drift right into my busy season? I have a few regular customers waiting for me to call and schedule as soon as I can get to a point of work again. Nice to have loyal customers!! I did go part time in April, might have to put that idea off for a couple of years. :slight_smile:

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Oh man, I’m sorry Garry. At least it happened during the hot and rainy season here in FL. I wish you a very speedy recovery!

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Thanks. Yea, I just got back from a road trip vacation in Tennessee on Wednesday, by Saturday I had lost half the vision in my right eye, and all of the vision in that eye by the time of the surgery the following Wednesday. Doc expects I will regain all of my vision, but it won’t clear up for a couple of months.

Wow. Sorry, Garry!
Didn’t you get sidelined for an injury several years ago as well?

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Yes, 2014 I had a bacterial infection of my aortic valve and had open heart surgery that they replaced that with a bovine (cow) valve. That was as close to death as I ever want to get. Well, it will happen to all of us at some point - but you know what I mean. Been good up to this incident! Doc gave a good prognosis on Tuesday, but will be several weeks before my eye settles down and clear vision returns. I can see light, color and vague bl;urry shapes in that eye, so it is slowwwwly getting there.

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Garry, Thank you for sharing. We wish you a speedy recovery to good health!

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Hope the eye gets better. I had to get mine checked too a few weeks ago. I had shingles and it effected one of my eyes. I was laid up for a solid week. I try to have a years worth of bills/mortgage in the bank just in case.

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Glad you are doing better. I had shingles a few years ago too. Mild case though.
Yes! I struggled for a while with designating where funds are organized to go and keeping them there. Then after adhering to “Profit First” style I can now weather this storm and pick back up where I left off after the healing and recuperating is finished. Mike Michalowicz’s book should be basic #1 tool in the business owners tool box.


No doubt. I use profit first too and have adopted the principles into personal finance too. The audio book along with the hardcover book was money well spent.



Sorry to read that you’re going through this. Also, I hope the many replies are an encouragement to you as you heal up.

I’ve always appreciated your advice and posts.

Thanks Jason, so far 3 1/2 weeks after surgery I have retained about 1/3 of my peripheral vision in the upper portion of my eye. Still not working as I can’t shake my head or move it about too much or lift much amount of weight until the gas dissolves that is helping the eye heal. I can go for short walks, but biking (bouncing), lifting my kayak or ladders is a big no. Rather boring to say the least, but the Doc says my eyesight will come back in that eye so that is my focus - pardon the pun. :slight_smile:


When it rains it pours - literally.

Just getting over the eye issue and here come Hurrican Idalia. Floods the whole neighborhood and most of the city. 6 inches of standing water in the house for several hours. Cancelled jobs again until I can a handle on clean up and repair.

So how is your summer going? :wink:

Oh man that suck Gary , so sorry about that . hopefully you’re ok and you guys didn’t have severe damage to your home

Thankfully the only damage was 6-8 inches of water inside the home. Most furniture with solid wood legs are fine. Appliances shot, but nobody died. :slight_smile: By Tuesday the demo/repair starts so I need to find living quarters off site. This will be a different several weeks. New fridge, washer, and dryer delivered this weekend so that portion is smoewhat normal.

Hey Garry, how’s your eye ailment holding up?

I hope next years better and healthier.

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