Sign paint on frames

I’m curious as to what would be best to remove sign paint from the aluminum frames and the rubber glazing on some car dealership’s windows.

The paint is on there pretty good. I’m worried that a harsh chemical could destroy the aging glaze, and also the IG seals of the windows. The sign painter told the dealership he would pressure wash it off… The dealership’s owner was leary of that - for good reason. No reason to damage the IG seals any further…

Could something like oil flo and a white scrubby pad work? Anybody got any ideas?

paint thinner … lol jk

That sounds like a winning combination to me.

I’ve heard of but never used a chemical called “Never-Dull”. I had some glazers tell me that it works wonders on the aluminum framing around glass without harming the glass itself. Look it up. I am.

Ok, after looking “Never Dull” up, I found something that might be better for exactly what your doing.

I found this stuff called Motsenbockers Lift-off #4 and #5. It is a biodegradable paint, latex, etc, remover that is eco-friendly.

here is the link I found:,

Thanks Bert. I’ll look further into those. In fact, I remember seeing locally - either that Lowes or Home Depot.

I’ve seen it at my local HD.

Yeah Homedepot, they have one for silicone too that I’d like to try

Yeah … what Bert recommended would probably do the trick. I believe the oil flow and white scrubby would also work but (probably not as quick as the other).

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I hate silicone!

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I tried the different chemicals listed earlier in this thread on the frames and rubber seals of the dealership. Nothing worked. I used a stiff bristled brush too, allowed for dwell; it just isn’t going to happen.

My dad spoke to a sign painter at a different dealership today. He said paint thinner will bring it off the frame, and to just be careful not to get the thinner on the rubber seal. He stated that anything that will remove the paint from the rubber seal will also ruin the seal, like we feared. He said eventually the paint will flake off. He said the best thing to do is to paint over the paint. Paint it black, after the neon sign paint is removed from the aluminum frames.

Why can’t these sign painters paint on paper? Then hang the paper up on the inside on the glass using suction cups.