Signing up for house call pro....not

it sounds pretty good but i don’t the pay in advance for a year to get the deal and my money back guarantee will expire before my season starts. then to have to pay for job history import if i wait…just seems like too much to gamble.
i never feel like a business that has to lock you in for that long and charge in advance is legit.
probably just me but to lay down over a grand CAD during me off season and not have any recourse seems like it would be a stupid business decision.
so i went from having my card out to really pissed. looks like method crm maybe.

Hard to understand your post

HCP is monthly no contract or prepay for 6 months/12 months


sorry, i am upset right now, spent a long time on the walk thru and got really excited then felt really let down.
so to get the job history import free you must one of the first 15 people to sign up so must do it quick.
to get free set up and the lowest rate you pay in advance for one year.
if not satisfied you have 30 days to ask for your money back. my season doesn’t start till sometimes near the end of april.

How many employees do you have?
(you don’t have to answer)

Point is… do you need multiple accesses/logins?

It is a big jump in price when you do the (10?) multiple logins.

I THINK there are other options that aren’t so visible here.

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For what it’s worth, you guys have seen me gripe and bitch about it.
(and compliment, too)

But it’s really starting to come together, to the point where I’d probably renew at my current rate.

  • hope that says something. :slightly_smiling:

0-69 is the jump.
0 does not include quickbooks integration or any marketing.
atm i have no employees last year during the season i had up to 3. i may have more at times and ya i want the logins.

i agree it looks really good and i had given my card info…then the price changed and the total upfront investment doubled to over 1000 cad.
also i was told when they came to canada it would be a full roll out but they don’t do cards for canada!!!
i’m just pissed cause i thought i was settled.

I think I would (and maybe @Brian_C ) be considered the equivalent of the Zero pkg plus.
I only use one login but have the marketing and texts, etc…

My auto renew is April 1st… guess I better start checking into it.

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if i remember right i think the was your price never goes up once you join?

I believe your grandfathered in, been over a year here all is the same. but for the amount I plug HCP I should be taken care of :yum:


Yeah, looks like it’s the same price/options.

  • thats probably why I signed on, even though I didn’t use it much.

Interesting to see if I could add a second user.

I heard you sold your company, moved back to SD then went to work full time as a marketer for HC.

@cactus27 Hi Ken,

We sincerely apologize that you’ve had a negative experience with HouseCall Pro. We wanted to clarify a few points with you. We never lock our customers into a contract. You have the ability to cancel at any time! Even if you pay semi-annually or annually, you have the ability to cancel your subscription at any point. We simply want to offer a discounted rate for pros who opt for a longer plan, but it is not a contract, as I said, you can cancel at any time. We even offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!

The 25 person limit on our job history import feature is due to the fact that this feature is in beta testing. It is free because we are working with each of these customers individually as we build this feature, and our beta participants are taking time out of their busy lives to help us perfect this feature when we release it publicly.

As for postcards in Canada, the reason that this service not yet available is because Canadian customs withholds our postcards from being sent. We are working to find a Canadian postcard provider so that this feature can soon become available there. Once again, we apologize for the confusion!

Watch it I know peeps in Bend

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I can handle Charlie and Julie. Your sister is probably the only one I should be worried about but the Gorge is a long way from Bend. :laughing:
And no worries, I plug HC as much as I can with other guys I know. I just don’t mention them to the other WC’s in Bend.


why wouldn’t you just mail the cards from the US?
as i said the 30 days will be over before my season starts so i won’t get to see it in real conditions.
hatch also says you can cancel at any time but when i did they informed me i had to give 30 days notice so they were keeping the money for the full month even though my domain was no longer connected.
your probably different but i would have expected a personal contact from a company that cared as curt kempton did when i had an issue with responsibid not just a public explanation and another reiteration of how wonderful you guys are especially since i even mentioned your name and asked for my dissatisfaction to be relayed to you.

Unfortunately, when we mail the postcards from the US, the Canadian government holds them in customs and does not allow them to reach their destination.

As I said, we are working on finding a solution so that our Canadian pros can send postcards, but because of Canadian customs, it has been a challenge. We will eventually offer this feature in Canada once we find a postcard provider there.

You can cancel HouseCall Pro at any time, we do not lock anyone in to contracts. However, to receive a full refund, it must be within the 30 day money-back guarantee. We apologize that this 30 day timeline falls within your off-season. As your Onboarding Specialist mentioned, we planned on reaching out to you in a month’s time to see if you were still looking for a solution to run your business.

Another one of our Onboarding Specialists is reaching out to you now to see if we can help you sooner.

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weird, they seek out and hold cards mailed by you but not millions of other pieces of mail from millions of other people!? what have you done to annoy the feds so seriously.

We’re working on finding a way around it for our Canadian customers! Again, we’re very sorry that you’ve been disappointed with your experience. Hopefully we can make it right in the future.

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you could have made it right 3 hours ago in 30 seconds. mark may be in the process of making it right but i have to wait til monday because his phone is dying.
we’’ ll see.

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