Silicone removal using d-Limonene and Plastee Grit

[COLOR=#333333]Henry Grover has developed a brand new product for removing silicone (and other sticky, yucky stuff) from glass.
It’s a 2 part product that I believe he’s calling Killer Limey and Plastee Grit. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Alex L. very kindly provided me with a sample of each and I got to try them out on a newly installed window yesterday. They are amazing! You just mix a tiny amount of each 1:1 and apply it with a damp microfiber. They cut through silicone really quickly with minimum rubbing and, unlike all the other products I tried, they don’t smear at all. Even clean up was a breeze. I was expecting to have to wash the window again after using the DL and PG, but I discovered that I could just buff the glass out with a dry microfiber. I am totally stoked - I wouldn’t be without DL and PG in my truck now. If you do any CCU at all, then you need this stuff![/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Great job Henry! You have a winner IMHO. And thanks to Alex for the samples![/COLOR]

Just wanted to say thanks for that glowing review!

And a quick word of caution. Never use plastee gritt on plastic glazing. And stay away from metallic coatings on glass. Always know the surface you are working on. This is a great combination product for glass surfaces.