Sill/Track Cleaning Wording/Expectations/Technique

Hello all. A few quick questions on sill/track cleaning I would appreciate having insight on:

  1. How is this worded in your service/estimates? Ex: clean sills, wipe-down sills, etc

  2. How do you clean sills? Ex: Scrub, vaccum, etc

  3. How do you establish expectations with customer about what “clean” sills mean?

  4. Is this an add-on price or included in price?

Thanks for your help!

in my book a sill is the ledge you can see while the window is closed: we don’t mention it but we wipe it.

the portion you can only see when the window is open we call the track: “wipe bottom track” we wipe it with damp microfibre, we charge extra

wipe bottom track is exactly what we say and exactly what we do. since 2013 i can only think of 2 customers who were very picky that wnated them absolutely spotless.

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Thank you for this. Wipe the bottom track should help with this some I would think.

I always include screens and sills with my price. Last thing customers want here is to be nitpicked.

Good point. What are your expectations for “clean” tracks? Do you wipe them out? Vaccum? How do you word it?

We don’t clean the tracks, just sills and screens.