Silverado work rig setups?

Here is what I’m running in two of my trucks now and it works pretty well. Just got a ‘17 and will be putting it into service next spring.Just looking for some new/better setups or just different ideas. We strictly do traditional window cleaning so no need for ego setups.


Nice setup.

Very nice… easy access all the way around.

Great set up and nice truck! I like how organized the storage is.

I too, used to be traditional only for years. And…I routinely carried and used a large extension ladder like yours. But with a small investment in a wfp, those days are far and few in between.

With the cash you are obviously able to spend, wondering why no investment in a wfp? They don’t do everything. But boy, they do a lot!



I really like that side window set up with the window cleaning tool shop at your disposal, looks great.


Nice setup @twilliswc . I don’t know if there is anyone rolling with something better than that. Top notch. Love all them stacks. All it’s missing is a nice Tucker®️ Cart and pole though😜 Is that roller on the tailgate to dry chamois?

I guess my answer would be habit, I’m a fourth generation wc and was trained by my grandfather and father and old habits are hard to break. We specialize in a lot of higher end homes where the customer demands perfection, not saying that can’t be accomplished with wfp but just not my forte. We only use the extension ladder once in a while mostly stacks.

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Yes @Streakerfree we use the wringer for chamois. Also the setup serves to purposes,it looks professional to the customer and also you can see at a glance if any equipment is missing before leaving the job site.

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Which brand do you use?

It’s rare here to hear someone using chamois.

Very nice truck setup, it shows quality.


@wcs I used them back for one season and half after an old school window cleaner in Denver recommended it to me. I liked it a lot, but I would often let it dry out. Saved time on washing hucks though. I ended up switching to scrims after that and didn’t look back.


Honestly I just order them from JRacenstein by the dozen, couldn’t ’t tell you what brand though. They just come to me in a clear bag.

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Thanks for the response.

Sometimes customers want the windows done the regular way, nose to the glass. I’ve heard of traditional guys taking customers away from WFP guys because the customers perception of a WFP crew is splash and dash even if the windows look fine. Crazy

Overall your organization, setup, & and presentation looks top shelf… These attributes will matter with future loyal clients.Thanks for sharing.


Hey Art: His truck reminded me of your truck. Sweet set up, eh? But you have a water fed pole. :sunglasses:

as well as way too many other tools. Good seeing you here,


Funny you should mention that. I have picked up a few jobs due to the fact that another wc in town started using a wfp instead of the traditional way he used to. The comments they gave me was the windows were not quite as detailed and he charged the same and spent half the time. Not knocking the other guy or wfp just stating the reason they gave for switching.


In other words they feel ripped off even though their windows are clean.

Sometimes guys do a horrible job with the WFP giving the method of cleaning even a worse reputation

I suppose it cuts both ways - more guys do a terrible job traditionally and give us all a bad name.

Personally, I’ve never had a customer complain about using wfp. I’d be concerned if I did. Today, in fact, an older lady in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Dallas was glad to hear that I would be using it partially on her house. Her reason - both of my feet would be on the ground. It was nice to hear that my safety was the first thing that came to her mind.